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Governor Lincoln Chafee Switching Parties, Will Now Run as a Democrat

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    pr Wrote: I think Ronnie Raygun was the actual beginning - most people just didn't realize it at the time and many still don't today!
    I certainly hold him responsible for initiating our easily-sold borrow-and-spend fiscal policy. That disconnected taxpayers from the cost of government. We enjoyed lower taxes and the cost of government went straight up, non-stop, because "we" weren't paying for it anymore - somebody else in years to come will get the bill.

    Unless and until we reconnect how much we tax with how much we spend, there is no incentive, by anyone, to restrain spending. Only voters can control that and unless it hits them in the pocketbook every payday, they have no reason to.

    That disconnect has severely damaged our economy. The hard shift to the right after Clinton was elected has damaged the Republican Party politically. Today we're screwed by both situations and they both come from one source: the GOP.