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March Against Monsanto

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    Ever since Monsanto was able to slip past legislation through congress, making it okay for them to genetically modify harvest seeds and food without any real consequence, people have really responded in outrage. There have been hundreds of "March Against Monsanto" protest rallies in dozens of countries worldwide, with tens of thousands of collective peaceful protesters. The rally cry is simple enough, 'label GMO food; I want to KNOW what I am eating'. Currently, Monsanto is not required to do so.

    Many consider Monsanto an evil company and feel the stranglehold they have on agriculture is disgusting and far too all encompassing. And, I agree. The evidence against them is pretty damning. Just youtube 'Monsanto' and be prepared to be pissed by the end of that rabitt hole search; the more you research that enormous corporation, the more you will undoubtedly begin to fear and hate them and their practices.

    I am glad to see these protestors coming out in such impressive form.