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Pulling Back the Curtains on our California State Prison System

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    ANYONE LIVING IN CALIFORNIA SHOULD READ THIS PLEASE: But before you do just please let me say this is about our prison system and our prisoners who have been denied their constiutional rights this is an article my son wrote in prison, this is not about his case or appeal or what brought him here. This is about every single person, weather he/or she be in prison or free, we are all intitled to our basic constitutional rights. It is bad enough that we as parents have to worry about our children our babies, and what other inmates may or may not do to him. If that isn't bad enough we have to worry about what the prison guards and prison officials will do to him. Weather we want to believe it or not it is actually happening every single day, I would never have believed it myself (I am an educated woman, I graduated from school for Criminal Justice during my son' trial) I believed in our justice system at one time now im sickend by it my son turned himself in because he to believed in our justice system and let me tell you from the time my boy turned himself in i never not one time touched im hugged him kissed my boy not even once until he was 27 yrs old and please keep in mind my baby was 19 yrs old and never not one time was he ever in trouble or dicsiplined for any minor or major infractions he studied got his ged and his hight school diploma and studied law never once breaking a rule and yet i was not allowed to touc my son or have one visit until he was 27 yrs old 7 long yrs I went without touching my child? Because our prisons decide the rules not our government not our founding fathers who decided what was fair or unfair no but some prison guard who anyone off the street can be even people with criminal records are allowed to be prison guards in California any good ol boy gets to in control of who gets what and who doesn't and if you ruffel their feathers then look out because they can charge you with anything in prison they don't need proof all they need is a confidential informant and bam your charged with a crime my son wrote this article and two weeks later bam all of a sudden two confidential informants popped up one from San Quentin and one from PelicanBay (where he has never been, mind you) and they validated him which means no more contact visits confined to your cell 24/7 everyday? And they did this to him by the word of two inmates they fabricated because it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize this article is what got him validated to teach him a leasson. Well that isn't going to work I will do the work my son can't I am bringing this story to anyone who will listen im/he isn't asking for special rights he is speaking for every inmate in california when he asks for just what everyone one of us is intitled to our constiutional rights period. Please read this and imagine for one minute that but for the grace of god go I, but can you imagine if for one second it were you or one of your children they are just trying to do their sentence their punishment. I want to kiss my boy touch his beautiful face hug my baby but I can't because my son pulled this curtain back a lil too far now they are gonna show him some good ol boy justice.Who are these people how did they get to be so powerful when did we give them the right to take away someone elses rights they aren't God!! Or I ask you Governor Brown, Did I miss that memo? Do our Prison Wardens actually get to do what the hell they want to now? I'm just asking? Is this something we get to vote on? Oh please tell me? I just want to know?

    By Eric Z. Anderson
    Behind The Curtains

    The damage our state’s prison system has done and continues to do to the physical and mental well-being of the inmates behind these corrupt walls continues ..... not solely continuing, but progressing on a wide scale level! The unnecessary unconstitutional and overall unjustifiable race-based lock downs continue to affect the majority of all CDCR’s prison population as well as their families. Even more so within the pat decade, it has become second nature for administration to punish a whole race for the alleged actions of one or two individuals of the classified race. Through CDCR’s racial profiling, the inmates due process rights have become non-existent. They are being charged, convicted, and punished for crimes which have never been committed! Prison officials are being allowed to convict and carry out a sentence on an inmate out of mere speculation and or assumptions that he will commit an infraction solely based on his racial classification. This corrupt tactic has allowed CDCR to keep hundreds of inmates confined to their cells for years on end, for no other reason than they can. Inmates with nothing but proper positive and productive discipline-free prison history are being subjected to cruel, unusual, and inhumane punishment for being of a certain race! This racial discrimination has gone unnoticed, and allowed CDCR to discipline prisoners based solely on the color of their skin and/or classification. The use of other individual inmate’s alleged conduct should not be allowed to be a determining factor for the living conditions of his race as a whole. Yet this has been occurring for decades! It is time to pull back the curtains that have so long prevented these circumstances to be seen from the outside looking in. My personal experiences in regards to enduring this racial discrimination all began in the beginning of 2009 in San Quentin State Prison. I arrived to SQSP reception center in September of 2008 from doing four years in county jail awaiting trial. I went out of my way to ensure my actions/conduct never strayed from the path of a positive programming inmate. I found myself six months later still in reception center awaiting a transfer to a main line. Still staying true to my goals to authentically rehabilitate myself I had committed no CDCR Title 15 violations. Yet I awoke one morning ready to walk to the chow hall for breakfast when I was informed by a correctional officer that due to my classification of race I was on lockdown! 24 hours a day, seven days a week, I spent confined in my cell on lockdown for five months, all the way up to my transfer to High Desert State Prison C-Yard Level 4. Upon my departure from SQSP’s five month lockdown I was very anxious to finally reach a mainline where I could receive the incentives and pri9vileges entitled to a general population programming inmate, i.e. yard, contact visits, phone calls, canteen, etc. As a life-without-parole inmate these are the things that keep you going day in and day out through your rehabilitation process! Yet my mainline destination “HDSP C-Yard” turned out to be worse then the oppressive confinement I had just departed from. Upon stepping off the bus with my fellow convicts, all forced to allow the hot, humid August heat to stick to our paper jump suits to our sweat-drenched bodies while the metal of the shackles, increasingly hotter, gleamed in the summer sun, I could care less that I was finally here. In a mater of days I would be settled in receiving phone calls with my loved ones; finally after five years of good behavior be allowed to embrace my family via contact visits, etc. Yet all my years of positive programming once again proved to be for nothing, as upon my arrival to receive my housing assignment in R&R I was again informed that due to my racial classification I was being placed on lockdown. Myself along with six other inmates were declared threats to the security of the institution straight off the
    bus due to our racial classification! I was then placed in hand cuffs and escorted to my housing unit joining hundreds of other inmates suffering the unjust confinement of another CDCR race based lockdown. This time I spent 27 months confined to my cell 24 hours a day, seven days a week! For a total of 32 months straight lockdown in two California State Prisons without even receiving a write-up nor any disciplinary warranted conduct put forth. For this racial discrimination I have a pending lawsuit in Federal Court (Anderson v McDonald). Upon being transferred from HDSP C-Yard to my current housing at CSP Sacramento (New Folsom) C-Yard, I had been incarcerated seven years, still yet to receive a contact visit with my family and loved-ones. I was transferred to New Folsom from High Desert for good behavior. I arrived to New Folsom and again straight off the bus was placed on lockdown along with 26 other inmates of my racial classification. Yet this lockdown lasted only 2 weeks and I was finally allowed to hug my family, my Mom! Yet when I was made abreast of the program I was to receive, I was informed by administration I would be confined to the small side of the yard along with all other inmates of my classification due to being a potential security risk to the rest of the institution. Therefore, I cannot receive yard crew jobs, visiting room jobs, P.I.A. Laundry jobs, and main kitchen jobs, as all other general population inmates do. Once again another prison in California that is allowed to assume through racial discrimination that certain inmates are potential security risks to an institution! It is time to take a stand and utilize the legal avenues provided for us inmates to put a stop to California prison’s peaceful and patient acts of unity amongst true convicts, exhaust all efforts to receive equal justice and overall equality in regards to the Constitutional rights of all inmates.... although we should not have to continually fight administration and CDCR just to receive that in which we are entitled per our Constitutional rights. It is either that or endure years of confinement to a cell with no yard , phone, visits, or canteen, etc. , as I alone with hundreds of other inmates have been for5ced to endure and may have to endure again somewhere down the road unless we all take a stand starting here and now!!

    Forever Forward
    Mr. Eric Z. Anderson G-31197
    CSP-SAC New Folsom AS.U. G. 176
    P.O. Box 290066
    Represa. CA 95671
    Two weeks after this article came out Eric Z. Anderson, the writer of this article and my only child was validated, the prison said without ever, having one write up or even one infraction during his entire time incarcerated they said my son was a Boss and they had two confidential informants to prove it, however, not much you can do to fight it as they are confidential on informant was from San Quentin and the other was from Pelican Bay Prison (where he has never been) So another words we are forced to take their word for it and my son goes to years of lockdown confinement in the shoe. No more contact visits no more phone calls or canteen. Back to being confined to his cell 24 hours a day, seven days a week for nothing except expressing the facts about the living conditions inside our California State Prison system I believe that is why he was validated and they just made up two confidential informants because they can and will get away with whatever they want to get away with unless we all put a stop to it. These prisoners are only asking for their constitutional rights that every human being is