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regarding the Fort Hood massacre, the massacrerer, and the massacrerees

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    Regarding the massacre at Fort Hood a couple months ago
    The perpetrator’s pay continues, but victims of the carnage are not
    sufficiently covered by the military’s benefits

    Definitely a despicable situation -- that the "workplace" protections (benefits) provided for those who serve their country, their encompassing "job" description being that they may be sent to die in battle, -- aren't provided comprehensive (more than adequate) monetary as well as medical coverage. That their deaths took place in non-combat, but in-service status, should entitle them to full benefits. Medals of . . . . I think
    should be awarded as well. But there are protocols and procedures and paradigms of what, who, how.
    Definitionally, so to speak, the "workplace violence" rather than "combat" categorization has background basis. It's a legal (here, military domain) situation. As in whatever prior on-base crimes, the present massacre cannot be extra-legally prosecuted just on 1) the basis of the horrific severity -- or 2) on the ethnicity or religion
    of the perpetrator. The terms "Jihad" and "terroriist" are so comforting to apply, but within the American context of justice and the apparent details of the shootings, those even self-assumed roles of the criminal do not establish the systemic actualities otherwise.
    The same situation and outcome, perpetrated by almost anyone of any other persuasion, would not warrant a proliferated contextualization -- such as this case. Here we have a psychopathic mass-murderer. That he's collecting pay the while he's incarcerated waiting trial . . .. 1) I'd imagine that pay's being "held in some kind of 'escrow'." He ain't getting his checks or chits. 2) If convicted, that pay will be, so to speak, retro-actively forfeited . . . . or 3) if not, lawyers have families that need groceries and gas . . . . . .
    Moussawi (was that the fool who only wanted to learn how to fly aloft, not take-off or land?) . . . his intention (as one of the 9/11-15) was to create far more carnage than this shooter. Granted, from one spectrum-perspective, he didn't actually do it .. . . but from the apposite end of consideration, he was processed through our civilian legal system, sentenced, and now wanes away for probably the rest of his life in the solitary silence of Pelican Bay.
    I believe we should so process this despicable human. By OUR humane processes of administrating justice. Based on our legal system: sometimes fallacious, but overall meticulous legal intricacies, definitions, contextualizations.
    The inhumane protection of our service personnel in any situation, especially such as mass-murder and mutilation,is a separate matter. The military should be brought to trial for such dereliction of duty.