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What actually IS happening around those Boston explosions? A child's view.

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    I am not exactly political but I love America, the way it used to be – a free, true republic. Do we actually still HAVE a democracy? I DO like the thought of helping my neighbor, but ever growing dictatorship in the guise of a false democracy wasn’t exactly my idea of comfort! How do I know they are not right now "correcting me" by some overbearing government intrusion, as happened with the IRS or I might encounter a strange "accident" for disagreeing? (Who is not with us is against us?)

    How do we know WHAT actually happened in Boston with our controlled Hollywoodsy media?

    Another witness killed “by mistake” the way it is so often the case (as it was with the Kennedy assassination? Much too many deaths and “accidents” of witnesses all around!)

    If I was a child, still acting from the heart, I would wonder how we supported the Chechen rebels to do MORE attacks, and now we….punish that they react to our illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as did Julian Assange and Private Manning? Hmmm!?

    If I was a heart-based child still thinking clearly, I would wonder how, at the same time of the Boston explosions, we are killing and maiming untold numbers of people with drone-strikes and wondering whether we should give those people medals? Hm-hm, my child-like heart would say and I would be even more confused. Also by the fact that the Department of Homeland Security bought HUGE amounts of lethal ammunition as we cried distractedly about these attacks. Hmm, I would say. Conspiracy theory??

    Someone that has tracked this for a long time said that we hired al-Qaida associates to protect the Benghazi mission. Is that true, I would wonder?

    Someone else said, "officially", the government (CIA) took bags full of millions in cash to bribe Afghanistan, only to create MORE terrorism, not less and now we miss that cash for our Veteran’s services and true health insurance.

    If I was a child, my heart would go out to that 19-year old boy without my head interfering, a child from a war-torn country himself who only yesterday was an All-American boy, not evil whatsoever, and his brother, as per a former Ambassador, only recently was denied US citizenship and his hopes to perform for us in the Olympics. Hmm!? I would wonder.

    Why, I would ask, can those parents not visit their boy, who needs comfort, not our archaic scape-goating projections of "evil". We don’t even know his circumstances. Jesus said for us to “throw the first stone” if we feel any better than the scape-goat, rather than seeing the total circumstance with more maturity.

    But Mommy, says my daughter. He did wrong! What is that, really, to a mother and psychotherapist who understands all things once the context is known. Death-penalty? I would think. Hmmm!?