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Colorado Governor delays execution of convicted murderer

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    Denver Post, May 22, 2013: Nathan Dunlap granted "temporary reprieve" by governor

    "Faced with a decision to allow the execution of killer Nathan Dunlap or grant him clemency, Gov. John Hickenlooper chose to do neither. Instead, he granted an extraordinary "temporary reprieve" that likely means Dunlap won't face execution as long as Hickenlooper is governor.

    "While the reprieve is "temporary," Hickenlooper said at a news conference that it is "highly unlikely" he will reconsider the death penalty for the man convicted of killing four people in an Aurora Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant in 1993."

    In reading comments about Hickenlooper's decision at the Channel 11 Colorado Springs Facebook page, I was a bit surprised about the one-sided harsh responses. Respondants were highly critical of Hickenlooper, and wanted to see Dunlap, who has been on death row for 20 years, executed. Many spared no words in their treatment of Hickenlooper calling him a "sick liberal pig," a "coward" and "f--king idiot."

    This will no doubt be an election issue in the 2014 governor's race, especially if Hickenlooper decides to run again.

    Did Hickenlooper do the right thing in delaying Dunlap's execution indefinitely?