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What the word REPUBLICANS stands for these days

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    R-- Repeal Obama care so the 47% will not have medical insurance
    E-- Excuse any and all reasons for getting more tax loopholes for the 1%
    P-- Please only the 1%
    U-- Under fund any program for the 47%
    B-- Block legislation that would increase minimum wage
    L-- Lie about caring for the 47%
    I-- Immigration- -"Forget about it" who wants to add more to the 47%
    C-- College Loans - -keep that interest high for the 47% and low for the banks
    A-- Allow FEMA to work in only Red States without big long fight
    N-- Neutralize food programs for the 47%
    S-- Suppression of Voters Rights for the 47%- - "Keep It Up"
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    Got that right. Inhofe just confirmed the A portion.
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    What the word REPUBLICANS stands for these days: In an attempt to be honest and fare I would say about the same as Democrats and a whole lot more.

    R - Repeal Obama Care They claim that there plan is to repeal it and provide a better plan. A lot can be done to make it better and it is sad that a better plan was not presented. There was time but not much thought in the plan which we now have. Much work must be done but politicians have a poor record of correcting a bill that requires correct. We are stuck with it.
    E - Tax loopholes for the 1% They really don't need anymore and you as you have seen they have switched to getting more for businesses.
    P - Please the 1% They are expanding the scope to cover the top 10% Did you notice the news today Median CEO pay rises to $9.7 million in 2012 and they continue the clause in their contract that they will get a bundle if fired for incompetence.
    U - Underfund programs for the 47% They would prefer to eliminate them
    B - The growth of income for all in the past 60 years is what took manufacturing out of the USA
    L - Lie about caring for the 47% They do care and have decided some of the 47% will be necessary for them to win in 2016. Watch them SAY how much they care
    I - Immigration Immigration should only be for the wealthy C -
    C - College Loans The 47% can't learn anyway
    A - FEMA Should only be available for corporations
    N - Neutralize food program get rid of inspectors and outlaw farms of 1000 acres or less
    S - Suppression of Voters Return to the early days of this nation when most did not have the right to vote