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Both Oklahoma Senator's voted against hurricane Sandy relief now have a disaster.

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    Both Coburn and Inhofe voted against Hurricane Sandy relief and actually proposed to cut funding to all disaster relief programs. Now they face a massive disaster in their home state. I curious on just how they will be handling it. Will they request emergency relief aide from the federal government or continue to deny it. Oklahoma already ranks third when it comes to using disaster relief, behind California and Texas. How should Coburn and Inhofe play this so this so they don't lose their seats?
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    I'll bet they ask now.
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    the picture below was posted on the Facebook page for "Americans Against the Republican Party":
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    If any Republicans try and stop FEMA from helping they all should be voted out of office and let us get back people who care about
    our country for all of us, not just the 1%, yes there should be changes made to help improve our government, but not destroy it
    completely like the republicans want to do now. All True Americans have always and should always, STAND TOGETHER.
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    Doesn't that "Southern Bible" say something about "reaping what you sow"?

    Seems as if people that don't want the government sticking their nose in their business will be the first to ask "When are you going to help me?"

    Same old story "Don't help anyone else but me!" No question in my mind their low life, scum bag Congressmen & Senators will be the first to ask for government assistance and their dumb constituents will be voting them right back into office in the next election.

    Perhaps any state that has it's duly elected Congressional representative(s) vote against federal aid and programs for their state should not be allowed to benefit from them. Then, we'll see how quickly they want more government. Of course, they can always ask God or Jesus to help them and if they contribute enough to their local "pastor" he may be able to get a miracle passed in their honor!

    Or, on second thought, perhaps God s getting back at them for supporting Republican conservatives!?