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The Trial of The Millennium

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    Our media often likes to over hype an endless array of trials in this day in age, but the one trial that changed the world for centuries to come is that of the Catholic Church trying Galileo Galilei for his writings on heliocentrism and subsequent writings that supposedly challenged Pope Urban VIII and the church's teachings. After being found guilty for heresy and issuing a public apology, Galileo was confined to house arrest for the remainder of his life.

    What many people do not know is that Galileo was a Catholic that believed in the existence of a higher power. When he published his works on heliocentrism, he tried to prove that science and scripture could go hand in hand. This was still too much for the church, because it contradicted everything they had been teaching for over a millennium.

    We all know that it is now an accepted scientific fact that planets revolve around a star, but the lessons of Galileo's heresy trial still reverberate today. The issue of science and religion continues to drive a wedge between believes and non believers, with no end in sight. We must remind ourselves that forty-six percent of Americans continue to believe in creationism regardless of all of the scientific evidence stacked up against that. It just goes to show that it is much more difficult to change a dogma than many people, including myself, would like.