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TEA PARTY will drown US Govt in a boiling bathtub

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    Dear America: I wish there was a way to express this with humor, with jokes, & in an abbreviated form. But you cannot tell the STORY of HOW the GOP intends to DESTROY AMERICA and ALL THE IDEALS she stands for IN THE WORLD. I truly wish I could say this in 10 sentences or less, but then I could not possibly explain the EXTREME TACTICS & the GOP's EVIL PLOT that set the John Birch Society - Tea Party into motion.

    IF YOU WANT THE TRUTH about how our US Govt has gotten so screwed up lately, & why the GOP is so intent on destroying this democracy & trying to make Obama FAIL (which will make America fail, and make Democracy fail), PLEASE READ THIS. Your ENTIRE FUTURE and your FREEDOM may depend on knowing this information. It is from 50 years of research, into the GOP's own (secret) publications.

    One such publication is: "THE BLUE BOOK of the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY" (Members Manual)
    -- published by their own publishing house: Western Islands -- (Belmont, Mass 02178)
    (Author): Robert Welch (candy mfr & advertising man) & founding leader of John Birch Society.
    ----3 editions: 4th printing (1959), 7th printing (1961) & 17th printing (1961)

    These are primary sources of the Plans of the John Birch Society, & I must admit that the writings of Robt Welch (as a good advertising man) are so flowery & descriptive, that they could make a beer commercial sound like the National Anthem :)

    Today (May 18) I heard Michelle Bachmann (R) MN -- calling for the "Impeachment" of President Barack Obama, on such stupid flimsy charges that she should be laughed off the Capitol steps. She is the founder of the House TEA PARTY Caucus, financed by the Koch Brothers, (gas & oil) and please NOTE: their FATHER, Fred C. Koch, (Rock Island Oil -- Wichita, KS) was on the National Council of the John Birch Society - 1961.
    (A list of the National Council of the JBS is found in the 7th printing of "The Blue Book," on page 144.
    **Notice the continuation of the John Birch Society into the 2nd generation, -- now called the Tea Party.

    I will try to condense things a bit, to say the JBS began in 1958, with Robt Welch (the leader) calling together 11 GOP businessmen, many of them belonged to the National Assoc of Manufacturers. Welch presented their goal: to stop the spread of communism in America. He said that America was quickly being infiltrated with enemy agents of Russia & other Communist countries. And that the only way to stop them from taking total control was to fight their advances by making the American people aware before it was too late. However, the JBS agenda was a covert operation in itself, as it was actually communism hiding under the cloak of anti-communism. As J. Edgar Hoover (FBI) said: Communists are the "Masters of Deceit." This means they masquerade as the opposite of what they are, constantly LIE (as in the presidential campaign this last year or 2, where all you ever heard from any GOP candidate was LIES, exaggeration, falsification, & slander. NONE of it was true. The GOP even tried their best to "rig" the 2012 election too, as they have done with many other elections before. But fortunately the American people saw through it this time.

    Welch's agenda for the JBS was to "use their organization to TAKEOVER the Republican Party" -- and then to "use the Republican Party to takeover the United States Govt." It is easy to overlook what this actually MEANS. That the JBS (Birch Society) was going to insert itself into the Republican Party as a sort of internal parasite, a virus, or disease, & then slowly kill the host animal, the Republican ELEPHANT. Now the virus or parasite is in control, they have killed the old Republican Party, they killed the elephant. The "fake" GOP now begins to Rule, overstepping the bounds of the old Republican Party, with a drastic lurch to the right. Using all the propaganda methods used by Goebbels in Nazi Germany, plus methods used by Communists worldwide. Increasing censorship, of the media or press. Trying to suppress freedom of speech, or Protests. Such as using ultra harsh methods to stop the ANTI-WAR groups protesting the Iraq invasion. Some of those who went to Wash DC to protest the War have been clubbed by police on horseback (as I saw on TV happening in Wash DC) or be "arrested" like they did to Cindy Sheehan whose son was killed in the Iraq War. This was done under the Geo W. Bush regime, & they began using a caustic spray against ordinary Americans, like the later OCCUPY movement.

    But remember Robt Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, first studied Marx, Lenin, & Hitler before he founded that society. He also said in his opening remarks that "Democracy is the worst form of government" and then he began his quest to destroy democracy. Many of his early efforts were aimed at limiting the Right to VOTE -- the very cornerstone of Democracy. Any Fascist govt maintains total control over their people, & has very little concern for their rights. Or their opinions, OR their votes. In order to "takeover America" -- Welch had to undermine our whole system, by propaganda, (pervasive broadcasts on radio & TV) -- just like Goebbels in Nazi Germany. And secret cells for meetings (just like the communists used in Russia) & doing everything in their power to "rig" our elections, dismantle our Federal agencies, & weaken their power. One rule of WAR, is that you can WIN simply by "Bankrupting your Enemy." (It is the EASIEST way.) And if you may notice, the Great United States is now officially Bankrupt, while China and Russia are apparently quite prosperous. But the most IMPORTANT part, is that WE are BANKRUPT, due to the sabotage of the GOP (JBS) during the last several years, where they insist on waging useless unnecessary WARS which kill off our Treasury & disable our Military Manpower. They also began to influence the minds of America by using the public airwaves as propaganda vehicles, especially targeting "religious" broadcasts, like the (1960's) Billy James Hargis Crusade, & Billy Graham, & dozens of others. Blending skillfully both religion & politics, they can make many people believe that "God is on their side," making them seem holier than the democrats. (using an old Hitler (Nazi) tactic).

    The small beginnings of the John Birch Society, began to takeover the GOP by 1964, when Barry Goldwater, who was on the Executive Council of the JBS, ran as Republican candidate for President. The ideology of the Republican Party was beginning to change dramatically, in accordance to the Birch Society agenda. Birch members barraged members of Congress with letters and petitions, trying to Get the US out of the United Nations. Or to get fluoride out of the drinking water. Or to impeach Supreme Court Judge Earl Warren. These letter writing campaigns were orchestrated out of Birch Hdqtrs. They told members to infiltrate PTA's to takeover their agenda, & to "fire" teachers who were too liberal. They wanted to choose which text books were allowed in our schools, to promote Birch ideology & to discredit liberal ideas. The Birch Society began to advance the false idea that this was NOT a "Democracy" (& was not intended to be one). The JBS still says this nonsense on various websites today.

    By the way, Thomas Paine (who came to America with Benjamin Franklin) wrote a lot about the ideal of "democracy" -- "It is on this ground that our govt was founded, it is Representation engrafted on Democracy." He also said "What Athens was in miniature, America shall be in magnitude."

    [Athens (Greece) was the world's first democracy -- near 500 B.C.} Thomas Paine was also a friend of Jefferson & he was among the Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence. --- So HE KNEW what type of govt they really wanted. It was a democracy.

    Original founders of the Birch Society included Fred Koch, (oil & gas) & NOW HIS SONS are the "Koch Brothers" who financed the Tea Party, which is basically doing its best to undermine the Congress & our ability to pay off the debt & keep the economy going. The Koch Brothers also paid millions of dollars in lying deceitful campaign ads against Obama for the last 5 years, & has basically passed laws making the Supreme Court useless against the corruption in banking & industry. (The Supreme Court is now "paid off" by the right-wing GOP, to enhance all corporate powers).

    I could go on about all the ways the GOP has "rigged" our elections, but that has been discussed here many times before. Now you may start to be aware of a clear pattern of sabotaging & disrupting the US govt, & now the Grover Norquist "BRIBERY" going on, paying off members of Congress for their VOTES (clearly an illegal & unConstitutional maneuver), it would make the Founding Fathers puke in their Wheaties. But honestly I think they would all claw their way out of their graves to come ARREST & Put on Trial all the Tea Party & right wing saboteurs. Their insane actions & multiple obstructive activities, have almost demolished the Founders ideal of a Govt of, by, and For the People (a Democracy). And replaced it with a govt of Bribery, Greed, Crooks and Corruption, Malicious Deceivers, Rigged Elections, & Death of Liberty. (FASCISM).

    What can I say? Mr. Robt Welch (born 1899) is probably PROUD of his achievement. That he started the JBS with only 12 Republican businessmen, (in 1958) who managed to join their minds & their wealth, to connive to bring down the govt of America. And the way it looks now, they have probably SUCCEEDED. They now (thru endless propaganda by Rush Limbo types), have brain-washed nearly 50% of American voters to believe pure nonsense, and to elect candidates who act like pathological circus clowns on a psychedelic mind trip.

    WE ARE DOOMED, unless the other 50% of us refuse to accept this as our Future -- to idly sit by & watch the END OF DEMOCRACY.
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    I believe the only thing that will save us from the scourge of the JBS /Tea Party are the minority voters that are slowly starting to flex their muscles. The old, white folks (like us) are too bogged down in the past to accomplish anything. Most of us (them) are terrified of the so called minorities because they know they will be taking over from the old white majority in the foreseeable future. I, for one, welcome it!
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    Look at it this way. Ten years from now the ten year olds of today will be voting and awaiting that first legal drink. And the beat goes on. The Republicans have to market to an increasingly younger country. As the boomer bubble rises it loses folks. In a few years it will be a footnote in history. Doom for party of hate is written on the walls.
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    Hi pgr: You do have a good point. If things could proceed naturally, the minorities would probably take over eventually, due to sheer numbers. The huge numbers who immigrate annually, coupled with a high reproductive rate make this nearly inevitable. That must be why all our phone calls in the USA ask us if we want "English" -- punch #1. And if "Spanish" -- punche el dos (#2).

    But the GOP/JBS will definitely interfere with the natural process of things; they have steadily grown in influence (by hook or by crook) over the last 50 years, so that they currently control 50% of public opinion polls, & 50% of our voting public. It is TOO EASY to overlook how this has been done, but many elections in the United States have been "rigged" by the JBS/GOP. I could go on for hours about that, like when Reagan gave missiles to the Shah of Iran to hold our US hostages longer, in order to prevent Jimmy Carter from being re-elected. (Polls said if Carter got the hostages released, he would have been re-elected). Now of course GOP Reagan never noticed that "giving weapons to enemy nations is TREASON" but he just went along and did it anyway. Later, in order to not be punished, Reagan had to fake "amnesia" & pretend he did not remember anything at all about his entire Presidency, not even his Diary in his own handwriting. (That was definitely his very best "acting" performance).

    Of course we noticed how George W. Bush's own brother Jeb (Gov of Florida) kept all the votes from being counted in the 2000 election, so that the decision had to be sent to the Supreme Court, (conveniently packed by their Father -- Pres Geo. H.W. Bush in his term). So you gotta admit that election was "rigged" in plain sight, by the Bush family. Brother Jeb never got punished for that treason, so now HE is running for President himself.
    (very likely). In a Democracy, rigging a federal election is an act of "treason." But while the GOP is in power, none of that will ever be punished, so you KNOW that this govt is NOT still under popular control of the People. Our Democracy has been hi-jacked by people who want this govt to FAIL so the Fascist elements can take over & gradually blend us into the octopus oligarchy run by the Communists in Russia & China. The Communists always have said "We will bury you!" -- words of Nikita Khrushchev in 1960. (Premier of the Soviet Union -- USSR).

    Of course, "tricky Dick Nixon" was almost impeached due to his multitude of treasonous acts, so he was forced to resign in 1974, making Gerald Ford our substitute President. The general sleazy character of the GOP never ceases to amaze me. Nixon had his henchmen break into & bug the phones of the Democratic Hdqtrs, & by this, was trying to "rig" the election. The GOP had their own whorehouse going on in the Watergate Hotel, where they set up Democrats with appts to meet prostitutes, & then "filmed" the entire thing for BLACKMAIL purposes. They wanted to have puppet strings on the Democrats so they could "control their votes." LIKE the Bribery "puppet strings" now used to control GOP Congress, by Grover Norquist.

    The JBS/GOP has extended itself into a "paid for" Congress, who can be bribed by Grover Norquist. Who IS Grover Norquist? He has never been elected to any office. His main power is an intense relationship to the Bush clan, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, & Dick Cheney. The GOP has also set up
    a Supreme Court that will form their decisions based on the "highest bidder" -- Justice for Sale. (GOP always wins, of course).

    The GOP is currently trying to dismantle many agencies of our govt (even the post office) so there is no central control, & thus no central oversight, capable of discovering the vast amount of FRAUD, WASTE, and outright THEFT of the U.S. People's Money. The conspiracy is vast, huge, & extremely powerful. Begun by some of the richest men in America in 1958, when the Birch Society began. I wish it was possible to explain it all in a few brief sentences, but that just can't be done. You cannot uncover a Vast 50-year Conspiracy in just a couple of paragraphs.

    Within the BLUE BOOK, they outline exactly how they operated, how they financed it, how they attracted their members, what tactics they used, and what their objective was. But as I said, it was a "covert operation" which masqueraded as the opposite of what they were. It was pure communism pretending to be anti-communism. A great disguise. As J. Edgar Hoover said, they are "Masters of Deceit."

    Now consider this: Among the many tactics used to "rig" our elections, back in 1964 the Birch Society was running a member of their JBS Executive Council for (R) President. (Barry Goldwater). But the very popular JFK was running against him. In order to speed up the takeover of the US govt, the JBS thought it would be a good idea to simply "kill their opponent." So JFK was shot down in Dallas, TX in Nov. 1963. (Of course they had to have a "patsy" to blame for it, so Oswald had ties to Russia, making him a good choice for scapegoat. However, if Oswald was allowed to return to America, after he defected, & brought back here a Soviet wife (relative to a KGB official), it becomes very suspicious that the US govt considered Oswald to be any kind of threat. Oswald had secret clearances in a U-2 spy plane base while in the military, & after he came back here, he worked for Guy Bannister in New Orleans (an FBI agent). How could this happen if the US govt thought he was a Soviet spy? Also, one of the best friends of Oswald & his Soviet wife Marina, was also a good friend of Daddy Bush (CIA) - named George DeMohrenschildt. It turns out that DeMohr was in the CIA and in the OIL business (exactly like Daddy Bush). On the very day when he was asked to testify about the JFK assassination, Geo DeMohr was found shot dead, with a business card in his wallet that said: "George H. W. (Poppy) Bush." Tsk Tsk I wonder what that means?

    Now if you want to know the TRUTH about this assassination -- just go on reading. Just 5 years after the JFK assassination, JFK's brother, Robert Kennedy (who had been Atty Gen'l) decided to run for President. To fill the shoes of his dead brother, & to try to end the Viet Nam War, that was killing so many of our troops for no good purpose. When Robert Kennedy decided to run, the JBS knew the Kennedy legacy would go on for many more years, & holding them back from their attempt to takeover the govt as soon as possible. There was no easy way for the JBS to defeat the popular Robt Kennedy, so he just happened to get shot dead in a Los Angeles hotel one night, after giving a victory speech. (1968).

    They had to find another "patsy" for that murder, so the JBS had set up an immigrant Sirhan Sirhan to take the blame. Sirhan Sirhan had been seen at the Ambassador Hotel earlier that night at a conservative Republican candidate's rally meeting. Whether he was given the gun there, or if it was placed into his hand in the turmoil of the kitchen, we may never know. But I heard a recording of Sirhan's interrogation, & he said he had never killed RFK, - that RFK had 11 children, & he was a "saint." Whatever, Sirhan has been in prison for 44 years, for a crime he probably never had committed. I have heard rumors that a "new trial" is being planned that will release Sirhan from prison soon.

    Now think about this "shocking coincidence." Twice in a row, the JBS is being thwarted in their attempt to takeover the US govt by 2 very popular Democratic candidates. JFK was enormously popular & the first Catholic President in our history. He was elected in 1960, & was murdered in 1963.
    But meanwhile, the JBS had finally succeeded in getting one of their own, Barry Goldwater (on JBS Executive Council) running as the GOP candidate for President in the upcoming election of 1964, -- the JBS first "real chance" to get into the highest power position in the land. They were jubilant about this success -- but VP Lyndon Johnson won that election. And then the Democrats got another very popular candidate, the brother of JFK (no less) who was admired by millions, to run in 1968. Robt Kennedy promised to "end the VietNam War" -- a sentiment which the American people echoed enthusiastically. So we see that this Democrat was ALSO shot dead (gasp) - by a supposed foreign person, just before the 1968 election. This put the Democratic Party into turmoil, -- so it enabled the Republicans to win with Richard Nixon. The JBS founder (Welch) approved of Nixon, but preferred Goldwater as his first choice. NOW the Birchers had finally got "one of theirs" who they could control, into the White House, which launched one of the worst White House scandals in American History. WATERGATE. If you want to know the whole story, see the Movie -- "All the President's Men" with Robt Redford & Dustin Hoffman playing Woodward & Bernstein, star reporters of the Washington Post. It has most details of the Nixon conspiracy, but in an enjoyable format, so you can eat popcorn & watch it in your favorite armchair. (I've seen it 4 times).

    During that Nixon administration, Atty General John Mitchell, had a wife Martha Mitchell, who saw the corruption & weird stuff going on, & she would sneak out at night & call the Press to tell them some of the things she knew about. She also stated that she was being held against her will inside their house, (& possibly drugged) to keep her from getting away, or talking to anyone. (Mitchell claimed his wife was just an alcoholic). As time went on, her assertions were proved to be correct. Then, suddenly, Martha died. I don't know the cause, but it was very suspicious. At her funeral, many members of the press corps turned up, & put a giant wreath on her grave, with a banner saying "MARTHA WAS RIGHT."

    There are many fascinating stories in the Archives of JBS History. We have covered only a few here. It looks like things are heating up, with Michelle Bachmann calling for the Impeachment of President Obama today. The TEA PARTY is gearing up for an inevitable clash between Good & Evil. None of us can know what will happen to the liberal democrats if the Tea Party wins. Or vice versa. Stay tuned....
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    eternal flame:

    Fascinating discussion, and the tale is really getting complicated.

    I wasn't familiar with George de Mohrenschildt, but found that he was prominently mentioned in the article posted below:

    You'll also notice that he shot himself in the head on March 29, 1977, shortly after meeting with author Edward Jay Epstein. The article also mentions that the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded (in 1979) that although Oswald DID assassinate Kennedy, a conspiracy was PROBABLE.

    By coincidence, I just finished reading a book called "The Immortals", by Michael Korda, that deals with the JFK assassination, and the mob ties to it. My summary of the book can be found at the link below:
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    eternal flame:

    There's a lot of truth to what you've written, but your details on Iran need clarifyng:

    I could go on for hours about that, like when Reagan gave missiles to the Shah of Iran to hold our US hostages longer, in order to prevent Jimmy Carter from being re-elected. (Polls said if Carter got the hostages released, he would have been re-elected). Now of course GOP Reagan never noticed that "giving weapons to enemy nations is TREASON" but he just went along and did it anyway. Later, in order to not be punished, Reagan had to fake "amnesia" & pretend he did not remember anything at all about his entire Presidency, not even his Diary in his own handwriting. (That was definitely his very best "acting" performance).

    Reagan actually didn't sell missiles to the Shah, who left Iran in January of 1979, 10 months before Islamic radicals seized the U.S. embassy in Teheran.

    Reagan actually didn't get involved with arms sales to Iran until 1985, in response to seizures of some hostages by Iran, starting in 1984. The official timeline can be found at the link below:

    Since we severed diplomatic relations with Iran in November of 1979, and imposed an arms embargo in 1983, Reagan's decision two years later to sell arms to Iran should be considered highly illegal.

    What's not as well known is how the hostages at the U.S. Embassy just HAPPENED to get released on January 21, 1981, minutes after Reagan was sworn in as President. The "October surprise" involved the CIA director and soon-to-be Vice President George W. Bush, and involved a secret meeting in Paris with Iranian and Israeli officials. Part of the agreement that was reached meant that the Reagan-Bush administration delivered $40 million worth of weapons to Iran if Reagan got elected.

    Impeachable offense?

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    Hi Arizona: Great research you do, as always. I was writing this article for 24 hrs straight, (no sleep) to try to get it done. I find that I can make some "errors" when I do that, if I try to rely mostly on my memory. But I know the basic story is right, except for a few tiny details that I typed wrongly. Like the missiles Reagan sold to the Ayatollah, which I said it was the Shah. When awake, I knew that : ) They were Hawk Missiles taken out of NATO supplies. The deal was made explicitly to keep Jimmy Carter from being re-elected. The Ayatollah was supposed to hold the American Embassy hostages a while longer, so that Carter would appear ineffective in getting them released. Then, after Reagan was elected, the hostages were supposed to be magically released. Right on cue, after 444 days, the hostages were released almost at the minute of Reagan's inauguration. At that time, IRAN was considered a "hostile nation" by the US, so it was sales of weapons to an "enemy nation" & as such it was treason.

    The House Committee had reasons to pretend Oswald was to blame for JFK's assassination, since anything else would destabilize the facade of our safe secure government. Geo DeMohrenschildt & George Bush went to great lengths to make sure the facade was intact, so nobody would find out that it was an assassination to defeat the Democratic political party, & an attempted fascist "coup d' etat."
    Many on the House Committee were definitely "enemies" to JFK, like Allen Dulles, (also CIA), would be very inclined to cover up any attempts by their own party to get rid of JFK and RFK, so that the Republicans would win. They were working with the Mafia to return Cuba to the Mob, so they could re-open their brothels & casinos. But it would also make it appear we had "liberated" Cuba from Communist Fidel Castro.
    This was the so-called "MOB involvement" --- they worked with the CIA to get Cuba free from Castro, since they wanted their lucrative casinos open again for business.

    When DeMohrenschildt was found dead, it was told to the American people that he shot himself in the head. But we all know, that the CIA can make any person "appear" to have committed suicide. That is an old trick He was shot to keep him from testifying. DeMohr was a good friend of both Daddy Bush (CIA) but he was also a good friend of Lee Harvey Oswald (& his wife). So he knew too many secrets.

    Meanwhile, E. Howard Hunt (OIL magnate) was operating radio broadcasts to tell the people that JFK was evil & not deserving to be President because JFK did not make attempts to nuke Cuba & return it (more quickly) to the Mafia. The Joint Chiefs of Staff were trying to launch Operation North Woods, which was to force Kennedy to start a war with Cuba. These U.S. Generals even wanted to blow up our space capsule with US astronaut John Glenn inside, in order to force JFK to invade & nuke Cuba. Fortunately, Robt McNamara kept his notes intact, from those important years, hidden in a secret place, so 40 yrs later, we could find out all the shady deals going on with our military & covert operations.
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    I had never heard of Operation Northwoods, but it's definitely crazy stuff:

    I noticed that 2008 movie by the same title counts Jesse Ventura as one of the actors, which would make it a "must see" movie:

    I'm roughly halfway through Robert McNamara's book, "In retrospect", which discussed the Vietnam War. Obviously, that war generated some nutty ideas as well.

    More than once during the Vietnam War, the Joint Chiefs of Staff considered the use of NUCLEAR BOMBS in Vietnam, which almost certainly would have escalated the war into something far worse than it already was. You may remember that General Curtis LeMay had gone on record as wanting to "bomb them back to the Stone Age, even though Operation Rolling Thunder was a dismal failure:
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    Three things about the Kennedy assassination that have always bugged me.
    1. Zapruder film would have been lost if it had been seized by FBI. But it wasn't.
    2. Oswald is the only one to scream "I am a patsy". Meaning he was involved but had no clue as to what was going down.
    3. What was Jackie reaching for on the trunk? Secret Service said she was just protecting JFK but that is not what the film shows.