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Richard Dawkins: The World's Top Thinker

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    Prospect Magazine, a British political and world affairs magazine, named Richard Dawkins the world's top thinker in this months publication. Mr. Dawkins is one of the world's most renowned atheist and a fighter for human rights for all its people. He proposes that a secular education and consciousness-raising is the only way that you can push back against the religious forces in the world and is more than willing to have that discussion with anyone that will listen.

    There are quite a few detractor's out there that are more than willing to sling mud at Mr. Dawkins philosophies, but he is not one to back down. He frequently debates religious figures both in formal and informal settings to let the people decide for themselves what is and isn't true. I can only hope that as time goes on, more and more individuals will begin to listen to science and reason and start to shed the dogma of organized religion. Or, at the very least, have more people start demanding religion out of the public sphere and back into their respected houses of worship.

    Thoughts on Mr. Dawkins and his recent award?