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Matt Damon Goes to Bat For Teachers

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    Matt Damon is well known for being Jason Bourne, and starring in a host of other movies, but few people know his passion and advocacy regarding America's 3.2 million teachers. Damon narrated "American Teacher" in 2011, which told an in depth story of four teachers and the hardships that they run in to each and every day.

    What Mr. Damon has been promoting is that one can hardly blame teachers for the failed educational system that we have, and I whole heartily agree with him. My mother has taught 2nd Grade at the same inner city school in Central Illinois throughout her entire career. She has witnessed first hand how deep poverty affects children more than many of us could ever comprehend. Add in the way that the educational system is funded, which is predominately by a local city tax, and there is no wonder why our educational system is in shambles. When inner city schools are given next to nothing to work with, what would one expect?

    The educational system is in a crisis and Matt Damon is one of the few celebrities out there that is shining a light on this massive issue. There is a major problem when suburban school districts are building state of the art schools while inner city schools are literally crumbling beneath our feet. Until we change the way we fund our public education system, it will always be rigged to benefit the wealthy among us. If we truly want an equal society, it's time to listen to people like Mr. Damon and the millions of teachers out there that truly want to make a difference in children's lives. The thing is, they can't do it alone.