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Leonardo da Vinci: The Greatest Inventor of All Time?

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    Nearly everyone knows Leonardo da Vinci because of his famous paintings. From his depiction of "The Last Supper" to "Mona Lisa" and countless others, da Vinci will inevitably go down in history as one of the world's greatest painters of all time. What many people may not know about is Leonardo da Vinci the inventor.

    In all, Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks consist of an astounding 13,000 pages of scientific findings that went unnoticed until 160 years after his death. It is still unknown if da Vinci had any interest in publishing his findings or if the scientist community at the time didn't respect him due to his lack of a formal education. What is known, however, is that his scientific findings and inventions were hundreds of years ahead of his time.

    His designs ranged from the first armored tank, to a diving suit allowing people to breath under water, to countless others. It seems like da Vinci could peer into the future and see what was about to happen. He may not be remembered as much for his scientific discoveries, but these discoveries will last far longer than his paintings will.

    Thoughts on Leonardo da Vinci's vast amount of scientific discoveries and inventions?