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George Clooney: Celebrity Turned Humanitarian

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    Not many celebrities have the ability to stay relevant for over twenty years, especially during this day in age where one slip of the tongue can end a promising career just as soon as it was getting off the ground. George Clooney is one of those enigma's in the celebrity world that has somehow found the ability to stay relevant throughout two decades and then use that to his advantage as he became more and more involved in humanitarian work. There are plenty of celebrities out there that volunteer their time and money to look good and then there are individuals like Mr. Clooney, who become true philanthropists and dedicate their lives to bettering the world.

    George Clooney has been involved in countless humanitarian causes, but his work in the forgotten continent of Africa is what makes him stand above so many others. Whether it is his never ending pursuit of educating people of the seemingly endless human rights violations taking place in the tragic civil war raging in Dafur, or his co-founding of "Not on Our Watch," a nonprofit whose focus is to bring to light the many atrocities taking place throughout the world and helping find ways to end them, George Clooney is putting his money where his mouth is.

    Thoughts on George Clooney and his drive to educate people of all the terrible things that are going on throughout the world?