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What Type of Civilization Will Humankind Become?

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    Every once in awhile an individual comes around that has an uncanny ability to explain complex and difficult scientific thought to the average layman, and Michio Kaku is one of those people. If you have ever watched The History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, or pretty much any channel that does a scientific special, there is a good chance that you have seen Mr. Kaku discussing a whole host of topics.

    Michio Kaku is an expert in a variety of fields, but the one that I'm drawn to the most is his discussions regarding the future of mankind. Where are we going? Will we learn to work together for the collective good and become what is called a Type 1 Civilization, a civilization that is based on science and reasoning?

    We are currently a Type 0 Civilization, meaning that we are dependent on the earth's natural resources to get our energy. Mr. Kaku proposes that in the next 100 years, we will become a Type 1 Civilization, which he calls a "Planetary Civilization." What worries him the most is what will happen throughout these next 100 years. Will we learn to work together and create a civilization that will be able to weather any problem that arises, or will our inherit tribal rivalries prevent that from happening and ensure that we stay a Type 0 civilization destined for destruction?

    Mr. Kaku is extremely confident that we will be able to get through the next 100 years and become a Type 1 Civilization. Forward thinkers like him get me excited about the future of our civilization. A society based on science and multiculturalism is a society that I could only dream of living in.

    Thoughts on Michio Kaku and his views on the future of humankind?

    Check out Mr. Kaku's discussion on the future of human civilization here: