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"The Great Gatsby" And America's Aristocratic Elite

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    Tonight marks the release of yet another adaptation of "The Great Gatsby," F Scott Fitzgerald's masterpiece about aristocratic America during the roaring twenties. This is the fifth time that the book has been turned into a movie, but comes at a time where the wealth disparity in America runs surprisingly parallel to the time that the novel was written.

    F Scott Fitzgerald was able to show how the rich in America lived their lives back in the 1920's in glaring detail. History always repeats itself, which today's day and age glaringly shows. It's like we are living in the age of "The Great Gatsby" all over again. The numbers of wealth distribution then and now are eerily similar, with the top one percent of American's having 36.7 of the total wealth in the country. That number was unsustainable then and it will be unsustainable again in the near future.

    Thoughts on F Scott Fitzgerald and his uncanny ability to show the American people the hidden world of America's aristocrats?