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Happy Mother's Day - South Carolina

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    I looked up the bio of Elizabeth Cobert Busch and it indicated she has three children from a previous marriage that apparently ended in a divorce and where she was convicted of some court crime while fighting her divorce. A mother, wife and a women of which one is the more respected human title? Mother, which Mother's day is coming up, I would think. A wife, not a chance. Men threaten, assault and kill their wives all the time. A women, this would be least title of worthy human beings because many men still treat women as second class or less. A man's dog would get better treatment.

    Not all women and not most (I hope) would relate to the atrocities they face while working and living around male dominance. Some women probably enjoy being the home caretaker and bread winner in a family with a husband. In today's society it is not uncommon to have a stay at home husband doing the chores and taking care of their children. What I am really attempting to write is the increasing stories of women trapped in abusive relationships, captive with inhuman people, and women being underpaid for the same work their male counterparts are performing. Yes, women are second class at best.

    To read about the vote in South Carolina is just another example of discrimatory actions and this time it was political to escape the potential of a Democrat taking an office that supports gun control. So, South Carolina would rather vote for a greedy and selfish man that had taxpayers fund his affair with some South American woman than take a stand for women in this country. South Carolina just spit on the past wife of Sanford and said sorry for the affair, but Sanford is a man against another Mother and this State will vote for a man, but have a Happy Mother's Day anyway.

    "Southern Hospitality" doesn't extend to women unless women know their place around a gathering of men. I wonder how many Mother's in South Carolina will be rejoicing this Sunday. I bet they care, but they will react with the most gracious of character while bitting a hole in their tongue.
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    That's what happens in a society that places it's "faith" in a religion that believes a woman's place is in the home, men are better than women and if you "sin" is ok just as long as you do "penance" and believe and accept "redemption" Classic misogynistic thinking that is the basis for most religions we all know and love ;(
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    Neither Sanford nor Busch seemed like a great choice, and that is becoming more and more common in elections lately. Too bad they didn't have a decent candidate to vote for but decent candidates increasingly do not have the (corrupt) big money behind them to be nominated.

    The voters in SC District 1 made their choice and now they have to live with it. That's the American way.

    Happy Mothers Day!