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Pakistan Elections: Where Are They Headed?

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    Pakistanis head to the polls tomorrow to vote for their next government in an election that can have major consequences far outside of their homeland. The country has been a going through a tumultuous period for nearly a decade with things only looking to get much more complicated heading into the future.

    Pakistan is facing a multitude of crises on two of their borders. American involvement in neighboring Afghanistan is winding down, leaving a power vacuum and an increased likely hood that they will get sucked in to a conflict if violence spills over the border. If that weren't bad enough, the relations between Pakistan and India, two countries with a sizable cache of nuclear weapons, are deteriorating almost by the day. Add in the fact that there are 40 million youth voters that will be eligible to cast a ballot for the first time, most of whom are unemployed, illiterate , and not very happy with the status quo, and it all adds up to a possibly game changing election.

    With all the upheaval that is going on in the middle and near east, there is no telling what happens next. Regardless of the results of tomorrow's vote, I think it would be safe to say that Pakistan is in for a few more tumultuous years.

    Thoughts on tomorrows election and what it could mean for Pakistan?
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    I think suicide bombings are one thing that the elections will bring. Honest and fair elections? Probably not.

    I hope for peaceful and fair elections but am skeptical.