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The Real Cost of Capitalism: Body Count Continues To Climb at Bangladesh Factory

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    Rescuers continue to find bodies in the rubble of a Bangladesh garment factory that collapsed more than two weeks ago. The media has done their typical job of not reporting on this tragedy whatsoever and I'd venture to guess that most American's haven't even heard about it. If you're not aware of what happened, I will fill you in.

    On April 24, an eight story factory that made clothes and other items for thirty Western companies collapsed. Thousands were trapped, and as of this post, 1,038 individuals have died. It barely made a blip on the national news at the time and a few are only covering it recently because of the ever mounting death toll. Most major media outlets are still ignoring it entirely, which is not a surprise at all. I'd venture to guess that a lot of their advertising dollars come from some of the 30 Western companies that made their clothes in that decrepit factory. And surprise, surprise--28 of those companies have remained nameless.

    My next statement is going to be somewhat controversial, but I'm going to say it anyway: We in the Western world are responsible for this. Unrestrained capitalism has convinced the average Westerner that it's alright to pay slave labor wages to third world citizens so we can get our clothes, appliances, etc. as cheaply as possible. We turn a blind eye when this happens 10,000 miles away, but would we if this happened in our OWN country? Would we allow this to happen here, in our backyard? And if you answered no, then why is it justified to treat third world citizens differently?

    These countries need their own Teddy Roosevelt. They need someone in a position of power to tell these companies NO MORE! No more deaths to make sure we can get our clothes for as cheap as possible. Is it too much to ask these nameless companies to pay their workers a livable wage and provide them a safe working environment? Their profits are already through the roof because they pay these workers dirt, so I'm quite confident that their bottom line wouldn't be as affected as they would like us to think.
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    It's not the American people that has been causing this horrible mess - - -It's the Corporations that have found a way to make more and more
    money for themselves and to hell with everyone else- - --they are the ones who refuse to pay a living wage to people here, but the profits yearly are
    over 300 times what it was 20 or 30 years ago, they are just greedy and can get away with it. Look how the minimum wage is so low you are still in poverty to exist, it's rotten and un American - -we all have to get back to buying (made in American) and force them to come back here and treat everyone fairly.