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The Hidden World Of A WWII Physicist

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    Niels Bohr is a physicist renowned for his work on the Manhattan Project that developed the worlds first ever nuclear bomb, but his story before he relocated to America during that terrible war is nearly as thrilling. Mr. Bohr paints a picture of scientists tirelessly working to create an atomic bomb in Germany, contrary to what another scientist by the name of Werner Heisenberg had claimed. Mr. Heisenberg, who was a protege and confidant of Neils Bohr, professed that he did everything in his power to derail the atomic project in Germany, but Neils Bohr disputed that claim and said that ''everything was being done in Germany to develop atomic weapons.''

    It is no surprise that Germany was racing towards building a nuclear weapon and I appreciate that some scientists don't want to be on the wrong side of history, so they would willfully contradict their own work to land in the good graces of people. Mr. Bohr claims that in a 1941 meeting between the two, Mr. Heisenberg had malicious intentions and was trying to gain information about the Allied effort in building an atom bomb, of which Mr. Bohr would soon be joining.

    We all know the end to the story of the Manhattan Project and its ushering the world into the nuclear age. What many of us don't know are all the interesting stories behind this project and the attempted sabotage and misinformation by all sides in the conflict. I sometimes sit back and wonder what the world would have looked like today if Germany and Japan had in fact won that war. Would it look in any way similar to how it does today, or would it be entirely different?