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Charles Ramsey Proves That Chivalry Isn't Dead

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    As I was watching the coverage about Charles Ramsey saving three women that were kidnapped nearly a decade ago, a sense of optimism arose in me that perhaps chivalry isn't dead after all. When Mr. Ramsey was being interviewed by a local television station, he nonchalantly stated that he figured it was a domestic dispute so he and his friends naturally needed to help her out. After not being able to push the door open, he kicked it open and she and a young child were able to climb out.

    This also got me wondering how many people out there would have done the same thing as Mr. Ramsey or if they would just continue on with their day like they heard nothing. Would you instinctively try to break into a house to save women and children that are in trouble without knowing what's behind the door? Or would you just call the cops, or even avoid it all together? I would hope that I would be the type of person that would instinctively do whatever I can to help anyone in trouble, but one never knows how they will react until they are placed in that type of situation.

    You can read the full transcript of Mr. Ramsey's interview at: