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The Real Christopher Columbus

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    We all remember the lessons we received in middle school about Christopher Columbus sailing the ocean blue back in 1492. The story went that he was just so nice to the natives that populated the islands that he "visited." They worked together and everyone was really happy. We even had a day off of school for him! That's all it took in my book when I was in elementary school. I thought he was just awesome.

    As I grew older, something just didn't seem right. The story just didn't add up. I fully understand that you can't teach elementary school children everything, especially complex things like war and geopolitics, but what our educational system teaches the children is an absolute and total lie. In fact, the story is filled with nearly all lies outside of the dates of the expeditions.

    Christopher Columbus and the men that accompanied him came to the new world and destroyed a civilization that had been there for thousands of years almost over night. He and his men raped countless women and children, enslaved thousands of individuals, and pillaged island after island. Countless individuals died on slave ships en route to Europe and the ones that survived never saw their homeland again.

    It's a travesty that millions of people in our own country are unwilling to accept this fact. We should not be worshiping this individual for inadvertently finding the western hemisphere, but instead accept that he is not what he has been made out to be. It's well past time that children around the country stop getting a get a day off of school to remember this tyrant and instead teach them a more balanced lesson about the history of our great country. I guess that saying is very true: History is always written by the winners.
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    I know I'm coming to this late, but it's pretty sad that you regurgitated the lame English bile about the Spanish known as the Black Legend. You're in Oregon. See any Indians around you? There's lots of them in Mexico and Central and south America. So, who did all the raping and killing? Why don't you stick that in your kid's history books?

    I'm in the Northeast, and the only Native Americans around here are the ones that come up from Central America and Mexico. I thought the Spaniards had killed them all.

    As for Columbus, he was a hustler and on the make. He was the Mike Todd of his time and BSed his way into command of an exploratory expedition. He would have been quite comfortable with the likes of Trump or the Koch brothers and his behavior at the time was the equivalent of today's plunderers and thiefs. But, these guys are admired, as is Columbus. Doesn't that fit in quite comfortably with what the United States is all about?
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    I guess the Mohawks are so busy on their reservation in upstate NY they didn't realize they don't exist anymore!