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Sandy Hook elementary New Town, CT

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    On MSNBC just now they had a story about Sandy Hook elementary and the towns attempts to restart their lives.
    Many are saying the school should be torn down and rebuilt. Perhaps in the same place or maybe down the street.
    Others say that they would be content with a major remodeling of the school as a new look would help get past the
    trauma of this horrid event. Apparently Columbine did a major remodel after their shooting.
    I think this is ridiculous. This type of mentality is probably why (as a country) we are so in debt. I agree these good folks were
    traumatized and it wouldn't hurt to make some minor changes but to rebuild a school is not inexpensive. I think a minor change
    such as painting, replacing some entry door, planting some tree's in memorial are good ideas but when someone dies in an
    auto accident, they don't remove the road. Any thoughts, opinions, comments ?