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Barbara Buono a much better choice for NJ Governor than Christie

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    First of all - a lot of people (including the MSM) seem to think Chris Christie is a rational Republican or a moderate:
    HE'S NOT!

    Barbara Buono represents NJ's best attributes, while Christie represents some of its worst.

    Christie's record:
    - Unemployment is way up (Christie stopped the new tunnel from NJ to NYC costing thousands of jobs now and hurting NJ's future by killing improved transportation infrastructure hurting NJ's competitiveness)
    - Higher Property Taxes (which he promised to lower) UP more than under any NJ governor in many years. He also did not pay the Homestead Rebate (Property Tax relief) for his 1st 2 yrs. in office and at a reduced rate last year.
    - Higher taxes on families w/children (he vetoed the Earned Tax Credit).
    - Overcrowded Public School classes (he cut ~$4B from school budget in his 1st 3 yrs. before increasing the budgets by $1B this yr.)
    - He cost the state about $500M when he reneged on the deal his Education Commissioner negotiated with the Teacher's Union. He had to redraft the state's proposal for "Race to the Top" and typos cost NJ enough points that we finished just out of the money for $500M in grants.
    - A more polluted environment (He withdrew NJ from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and deregulated numerous industries).
    - A state where some people are treated as second-class citizens (He vetoed the Marriage Equality bill passed by the legislature)
    The list goes on and on . . .
    Christie wants to ride the goodwill that he got for doing what any governor would do; Try to get Federal Aid for his state after a catastrophic storm (Sandy) Even there he has shown his true colors by awarding a no-bid contract for storm cleanup to Florida based AshBritt, a company with political ties to the Governor.
    Christie is bad for NJ and it citizens & if NJ voters know his record & positions , he will lose in Nov.

    On the other hand:
    - As New Jersey’s first woman to be New Jersey’s Senate Majority Leader, Barbara Buono takes a unique approach to governing. As chair of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, she established a reputation as a consensus-builder during the state’s challenging fiscal times. She believes strongly in inspiring a new generation of leaders committed to the values of public service. That’s why she launched the Young Women’s Leadership Program – a seminar engaging high school junior and seniors in the political process.
    - During the two years Senator Buono served as budget chair, New Jersey’s budget grew smaller, not bigger. She cut $4.5 billion from the state budget while increasing funds for schools and health care. Buono also sponsored a constitutional amendment to give voters a direct say on state debt. She currently serves as a member of the Health, Human Services & Senior Citizens Committee, the State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation Committee and Vice-Chair of the Legislative Oversight Committee. While serving as Chair of the Legislative Oversight Committee, Buono led hearings on transparency at the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, as well as the investigation into the Christie administration’s bungling of the Race to the Top application - which cost the state’s children $400 million in federal education funding.
    - With far too many public officials looking out for corporate interests and multi-millionaires, Senator Buono instead remains focused on strengthening New Jersey’s middle-class and looking out for our families. She’s working to create jobs, protect workers and make our schools work better.
    - Buono believes we need to fight for those on Main Street, so they get the same advantages afforded the politically connected on Wall Street. She consistently fights for New Jersey’s environment, and stands up to attempts to scale back regulation that would put our land, air and water in harm’s way.

    Marriage Equality: Buono's for it; Christie Vetoed it
    Woman's Right to Choose: Buono's for it; Christie opposes it
    Planned Parenthood Funding: Buono's for it; Christie cut it
    Fighting Climate Change: Buono's for it; Christie backed out
    Raising Minimum Wage: Buono's for it; Chrisie Vetoed it
    Gun Safety Measures: Buono's for them; Christie dodges issue
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    Where does she stand at this time in the race ?
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    She's picked up 12 points, but has a long way to go.
    It's all about informing NJ voters as to the candidates' records &poitions on the issues.I
    Plus, name recognition and the fact that the MSM (even MSNBC) has painted Christie as a moderate. He's not!

    Five Reasons Why Chris Christie Is Not A Moderate
    1.He Has Moved To Crush Unions: If one thing marks Christie’s tenure, it is his hostility to organized labor. In 2011, Christie “signed landmark legislation that increases pension and health contributions paid by a half-million teachers, police and other public workers and removes the issue from collective bargaining for four years” — undermining labor rights. During his speech at the Republican National Convention, he derided teachers unions: “[Democrats] believe in pitting unions against teachers, educators against parents, and lobbyists against children. They believe in teachers’ unions. We believe in teachers.”
    2.He Killed Marriage Equality: Remember that Christie vetoed a bill that would’ve given gays and lesbians full marriage rights.
    3.He Has Rapidly Advanced Education Privatization In The State: In 2010, Chris Christie (R) slashed $820 million in school spending, a cut so extreme that a judge ruled it unconstitutional. At the same time, he has pushed for hundreds of millions of dollars in school vouchers which would transfer taxpayer dollars to private schools.
    4.He Ended New Jersey’s Involvement In Battling Global Warming: Despite his strong leadership in the wake of Sandy, Christie undermined the movement to stop these extreme weather events by pulling New Jersey out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which was designed to combat global warming.
    5.He Has Bailed Out Irresponsible Corporations: While slashing school spending, Christie bailed out a massive super-mall boondoggle with $400 million. He has also diverted funding to privately run half-way houses where violent inmates have escaped and non-violent inmates have been killed

    That's why we have phone banks weekdays - 4pm to 8pm & weekends - 2pm to 6pm:
    Buono for Governor HQ, 1 Penn Plaza, New Brunswick, NJ. (732) 867-6039

    “Now is the time to show Trenton that we’re serious about changing the status quo – lifting our families by tackling our unemployment crisis, helping our struggling schools, and stopping the endless rise in our property taxes. I can't do this without your help." - Barbara Buono
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    Since Christie the Charlatan looks like he has a good chance of getting the GOP nomination for Pres. I'd like to suggest that as many of us as possible send a donation ( whatever we can afford)to Barbara Buono . If he could be stopped or slowed down in Jersey that would put a crimp in his ambitions. Remember, this guy has a lot of Independents buffaloed. And it would be a good bit of activism on our part if we started asking as many like minded people as possible to do the same. Give it a little thought.
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    The numbers show how bad Christie's been for NJ:

    Jobs Lost – New Jersey Falling Behind:
    •7th – New Jersey has the 7th highest unemployment rate in the country at 9.3 percent – the worst rate in the region (April 2, 2013)
    •15.5% – New Jersey residents who are underemployed (The Wall Street Journal, 7/30/2012)
    •47th – NJ’s economic growth ranking (The Times of Trenton 3/4/2013)
    •41st – New Jersey’s business climate ranking (CNBC, 7/10/2012)
    •35% –the amount of jobs NJ has restored since the recession (The Times of Trenton, 3/4/2013)
    •45,000 – Number of permanent jobs Christie cost New Jersey by killing the Access to the Region’s Core tunnel project (The Star-Ledger, 10/28/2010)
    •6,000 – Number of construction jobs New Jersey lost when Christie decided to end the Access to the Region’s Core tunnel project (The Star-Ledger, 10/28/2010)
    •7,000 – Jobs that could be lost if Christie succeeds in privatizing New Jersey’s state lottery (Asian American Retailers Association, 12/12)
    •174,100 – Net private sector jobs lost (NJ Spotlight, 7/23/2012)
    •10,000 – Teachers and school employees laid off in 2010 due to Christie’s budget cuts (Daily Journal, 12/29/2010)
    •16,600 or 2.8% – Public sector workers laid off (NJ Spotlight, 7/23/2012)
    New Jersey Families Falling Behind:
    •4 – Number of times Christie vetoed women’s health funding
    •6 – Number of family planning health centers closed, so far, due to Christie cuts to women’s health and family planning
    •82% – Percentage of New Jersey towns that saw some increase in the average property tax bills in 2011 (The Star-Ledger, 1/8/2012)
    •138 – Hours a week a minimum wage worker in New Jersey would need to work to afford a two-bedroom unit at Fair Market Rent (National Income Housing Coalition, 2012)
    •7.7% – New Jersey’s mortgage default rate, 4.5% higher than the national average (The Star-Ledger 12/4/2012)
    •8.4% – Mortgage loans in foreclosure, the 2nd highest percentage of mortgage loans in foreclosure in the nation; one out of every twelve mortgages in New Jersey is in the foreclosure stage (New Jersey Newsroom, 7/18/2012)
    •20.4% – Net property taxes higher since Christie took office (NJ Spotlight, 1/30/12)
    •82% – Percentage of New Jersey towns that saw some increase in the average property tax bills in 2011 (The Star-Ledger, 1/8/2012)
    •11% – Amount of income a New Jersey household spends on property taxes; the national average is just 3%
    •138 – Hours a week a minimum wage worker in New Jersey would need to work to afford a two-bedroom unit at Fair Market Rent (National Income Housing Coalition, 2012)
    •$200 – Lost, per family, in tax credits aimed at low-income workers during the past two tax years (NJ Spotlight, 8/8/2012)
    •83% – New Jersey’s graduation rate, down from 95% in 2010 (New Jersey Newsroom 11/29/2012)
    •24% – Percentage increase since 2000 in the number of New Jersey children living in poor neighborhoods (, 3/8/2012)
    •7 – Percent that New Jersey’s homeless population rose between 2009 and 2011 (, 4/19/2012)
    •48 out of 50 – New Jersey’s rank when it comes to serving school breakfast to low-income children, many of whom come to school hungry and unable to concentrate on their school work (Advocates for Children of New Jersey, 1/31/2012)

    Crumbling Infrastructure & Rising Costs:
    •$13 – Record high cash tolls on the George Washington Bridge, Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, Goethals Bridge, Bayonne Bridge and Outerbridge Crossing (USA Today, 12/3/2012)
    •25% – Increase in fares for NJ Transit rail and commuter bus lines since Christie took office (Asbury Park Press, 4/14/10)
    •10% – Increase in fares for local bus and light rail fares since Christie took office (Asbury Park Press, 4/14/10)
    •36% –Percentage of NJ bridges are “structurally deficient” or “functionally obsolete” (NJTV, 3/29/2013)
    •66% –Percentage of NJ roads are in poor or mediocre condition, costing motorists $3.5B a year in extra repairs – $601 per motorist (NJTV, 3/29/2013)

    Abusing Taxpayer Money:
    •$150 Million – The amount AshBritt secured in no-bid contracts from 53 municipalities throughout New Jersey after Christie Administration secured their contract (Star Ledger, 3/29/2013)
    •Over 100 – Chris Christie uses taxpayer money to fund GOP rallies under the guise of town hall meetings
    •164 – Christie and Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno have flown 164 times on state police helicopters…and counting (Bloomberg, 4/1/2013)
    •$390,200 – Amount Christie and Guadagno have cost taxpayers using state police helicopters (Bloomberg, 4/1/2013)
    •$1.2 Million – Paid to politically-connected lobbying law-firm Patton Boggs for fighting demands from federal government to return $271,000,000 spent on Access to the Region’s Core project (, 7/5/11)
    •$279 Million – Loss to NJ taxpayers as a result of Governor Christie canceling the ARC Tunnel project for his own political gains (, 1/8/2012)
    •$300,000 – Taxpayer dollars wasted in January 2010 to lure businesses from Illinois to New Jersey; to-date, not a single business has relocated
    Taxpayer-Funded Corporate Bailouts… And No Job Gains:
    •$2.1 Billion – In his first 3 years, Christie has doled out $2.1 billion in tax credits and subsidies to 171 various projects (NJPP, April 2013)
    •$2.3 Billion – Tax breaks for corporations in Governor Christie’s fourth and final budget alone (The Times of Trenton, 3/4/2013)
    •$261 Million – State tax credits was doled out to Revel casino which filed for bankruptcy just 10 months after opening (The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/21/2013)
    •$200 Million – Cost of tax breaks Christie promised to the foreign company that took over development of Meadowlands Xanadu project (, 5/3/2011)
    Budget Mismanagement – Costing NJ Taxpayers:
    •Over $800 million – Money paid skimmed from the state’s Clean Energy Program – paid by New Jersey residents – to make up for lost revenue under Governor Christie’s administration (New Jersey Spotlight, 4/24/13)
    •46th out of 50 – New Jersey’s ranking as one of the worst run states in America (Yahoo Finance 11/27/2012)
    •41st – New Jersey’s business climate ranking (CNBC, 7/10/2012)
    •$282 Billion – New Jersey’s debt, the fourth-highest debt in the nation (NJBIZ, 8/29/2012)
    •$400 Million – Race to the Top federal education funding lost because Christie refused to compromise and work with teachers’ union on application for funding (The Star-Ledger, 10/10/10)
    •$3 Billion – The largest Federal Transit Administration grant in American history, lost when Christie killed the Access to the Region’s Core tunnel project (Asbury Park Press, 12/27/10)
    •$145 Million – Amount owed to the federal government for Medicaid mismanagement (The Star-Ledger, 1/12/2012)
    •$171 Million – Minimum expected losses from 2012-2018 as a consequence of Christie pulling New Jersey out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (Environment New Jersey, 2/15/2102)
    •$2 Billion – Amount Christie cut education by – a sum so drastic the state supreme court ruled it unconstitutional
    •3 – New Jersey has dropped to number three nationally in terms of solar capacity and installations (NJ Spotlight, 3/15/2013)
    •4 out of 10 – New Jersey’s emergency preparedness score. 43 states received a higher score than the Garden State (The Asbury Park Press, 12/19/2012)
    •2,832,000 – Shortfall in Christie’s payment to New Jersey’s pension fund for 2012 (The Star-Ledger, 1/25/12)
    •$2,100,000 – Shortfall in Christie’s payment to New Jersey’s pension fund for 2013 (The Star-Ledger, 1/25/12)
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    And today we hear that Christie had the lap band weight loss procedure for "his family and his kids". I didn't hear anything about it being for the gov reelection race or the potential presidential run but I would not be surprised if that figured into his decision.

    I'm happy for anyone who's that fat to get something done and for sure his weight would have been used against him in ANY future political race.

    If it was purely for his health, then good for him.