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Ed Markey wins primary for Special Election MA Senate seat.

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  • Center Left
    Denton, TX
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    I know there has been a lot of focus on Massachusetts lately but amid all of the chaos, Ed Markey won the Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate seat that was vacated by John Kerry.

    Markey seems very fit for the job. His stances on education, foreign policy, net neutrality and energy all seem right on target. The special election well go down in June, so let's wish him the best in his run.
  • Liberal
    Durham, NH
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    I agree, of all the candidates he is/was the only one who can help fight the Conservative Tea Party. Lynch, while a good man is way to tied down to his religion (sorry to drag religion into this, but it's absolutely true) Lynch might be a Dem but he's more of a anti-gay marriage and anti-birth control zealot unfortunately. The Repubs aren't/weren't worth a damn as usual, same old anti-progressive BS as to be expected!