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Police Officer pulls gun on innocent civilian at local MacDonalds

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    This is sort of a small story. But, I think worthy of at least making an appearance on the site, if for no other reason that pure shock value.

    A Georgia police officer was caught on video pulling a gun on a man in a drive thru at a local MacDonalds. The story goes that he was very upset that the line was going too slow. I guess he really wanted his Big Mac, and being a police officer, he felt a false sense of entitlement to get out of his car and take his anger out on ... whoever.

    So, he pulled his policed issued gun on a completely innocent man in a truck at the front of drive thru line at the window, aimed it at his neck while grabbing him and berading him for about 30 seconds. Witnesses took down his plates as he then got back into his vehicle and sped off. He was quickly arrested for 'alleged' assault and soon posted bail, that was set at $22,000. The police officer turned out to be a 20 year detective. He was wearing a business suit at the time. He was quoted by the victim by saying, "Well, you don't know who you're messing with ... there's some crazy people out there." ...Yeah, like you. Looks like this man will lose his job, and most likely serve a small amount of jail time.

    Here's the story and video:
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    The average salary is directly reflected in the quality of employee. Cut back some employees to gain quality has never crossed the minds of most small town depts. I can not quote the exact numbers, but my county has a population of about 12,000 We have about 100 law enforcement personal between various agencies. When the county had about 9,000 people we had less than 10 LE officers.