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only 45 months left to go . . . . and then what? (I retort-reply)

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    From R, my conservative (to say the least) old high school buddy
    and for a few years now email sparring partner

    Well it's always been tough to defend against highly motivated kamikazee fighters.
    The usual remedy is intense firepower. Hence we saw MRAPs on the streets of Watertown!
    (where the surviving Marathon Bomber was sought – bomber was sought and found)
    Overall an inauspicious time for attacking the 2nd Amendment, even as it's what we've come
    to expect from the present administration. Only 45 months to go...

    My reply to R
    Attacking the 2nd Amendment? What we've come to expect from this adminis-
    tration? What . . .???? It surely doesn't seem that instating some kind of check
    on one's qualifications (sanity, criminal record, etc.) is an attack on an amend-
    ment. Or maybe you'd consider that the requirement that one go through a pro-
    cess to acquire a driver's license is an attack on the Constitution's provision for
    the pursuit of happiness? "What right has the govt. got to impose such fascist
    regimentation require "documentation" on what had been a people free from any such dictatorial constraints, free to operate horses and mules and oxen according to their own, private-sector, preferences!!!!!!! (it's actually a wonder they don't demand that
    drivers wear yellow stars or have their license numbers tattooed. . . . )

    Only 45 months to go . . . and then what? Maybe there'll be a new administra-
    tion that will accomplish the wonders that Bush (pere) did with the S&L lenience?
    Maybe there'll be a new White-house guy who'll, like Bush (fils), set the economy
    surging with top-weighted tax refunds . . .or start the domino democratization
    and concatenative Christianization of those WMD-massing Islamics
    Gee, with a new administration we'll be free of the socialists like Buffet.
    And maybe the stock market won't keep anti-falling (though to the extent that
    it's a little unnerving to me -- but as I've mentioned before, I'm half into safety
    though sacrificing the surge the while.).
    Gee, maybe we can elect a scion of economics and socio-political education
    and background experience and sophisticated diplomatic nuance like Reagan.
    And set the economy surging for the period during which downsizing here and
    offshoring to there and there and there and there and mega-corporate on-shoring
    of cheap labor for their fields and folding sheets and plucking and packing and you
    name it that the immigrant influx has provided for the bottom line and the dividends
    (if paid).

    Maybe Romney'll have a go at it again. And again he'll prize the private sector
    (“get the govt. out of the marketplace”) and prioritize getting it all going like post-WWII
    exponential prosperity again . . . . if he gets elected as head of the government!!!!

    We're in a the same social era as always regarding guns, at least -- except for
    wanting to make sure that the "driver of the bullet" isn't a psychopath. I wonder if
    the background checks were to be imposed only upon people of middle-Eastern
    heritage or ethnicity whether the right wing would be so unscrewed over the issue.
    But we're in a whole new era and domain in terms of an economic system.
    I'm keeping my weekly segments from my "Peace Effort" book short. Please read.
    For what I'm proposing may be the only way to maintain a Capitalism in this country:
    by having the government provide the venture capital, and direct as CEO the ways
    and means of finances not only for providing jobs . . but for the necessary revisions
    of society that will be necessary for an ongoing future . . .rather than retro-Luddite
    reactionary futility.