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The Most Trusted Name in News?

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    If you thought that cable news would be more deliberative with how and when they released "breaking news" after their rather embarrassing blundering of the Obamacare decision, think again. In a race to be the first to report an arrest in the Boston Marathon bombing case, three organizations found themselves in a familiar spot. Fox News, CNN, and even the Associated Press, incorrectly reported that an individual had been arrested and was in custody. The problem with this is that the story wasn't true and all three organizations were forced to walk back their original reporting.

    Cable news is finding itself at a crossroads. People want information immediately and each cable news station wants to be the first to "break" it. The problem is that they continue to find themselves reporting incorrect information. NBC has been lauded in their reporting throughout this manhunt because of their very deliberative effort to report the facts instead of innuendo. If these cable news channels want to gain the public's trust, it might behoove them to start verifying their information before they race to be the first to air it.