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Ted Cruz demands money from the federal government he says it doesn't have.

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    See Huff post article critical of Texas junior senator.

    The federal government doesn't have or not have dollars. It issues the dollar, just like a scorekeeper at a football game issues points. The currency is a simple public monopoly. Do scorekeepers have to tax one team's points to put points on the board for another team? No. Federal taxes do not 'fund' government spending. It's the other way around. "The funds to pay our taxes and buy government securities come from government spending"-Warren Mosler.

    And the purpose of our government and all of its activities, laws, and actions is public purpose. "The purpose of the people's purse is public purpose"-Warren Mosler.

    And the true, actual conservatives are the Progressives who stand for the restoration of the rule of law and the return of public purpose government.

    Ted Cruz wants a balanced budget constitutional amendment. He wants to tax away net-financial assets from the private sector. Whether he knows or not, he wants to cause a global depression that would make Mao's Great Leap Forward look like a walk in a park.

    Effectively, he's trying to destroy the private sector in ways radical leftists couldn't imagine.

    But he sure does want some money now for Texas.