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CNN's 'Crossfire' to re-air with Gingrich/Cutter hosting

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    CNN's Crossfire show was really popular during its long run from 1982 to 2005. But, they cancelled the show due to a number of reasons, the biggest seemingly that Jon Stewart from the Daily Show absolutely made the hosts and the program setup look ridiculous. A few months after they (Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala) had Stewart on their program, the show was cancelled.

    Now though, CNN is allegedly in talks with Newt Gingrich and Stephanie Cutter (Obama campaign strategist) to bring the show back. The format is simple enough; pit one liberal and one conservative against one another over the major issues of the political menu. It's an annoying show, to be honest. And, I was happy to see Stewart destroy them eight years ago. But, I guess there will be some entertainment value in seeing Gingrich fight with a woman that fervently supports Obama. My guess... the show lasts 2 seasons, tops.

    This is what has become of CNN. This should go great in the line up, right in between Anthony Bourdain's travel show and Piers Morgan's variety hour.... CNN is a joke.