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Radicalization, Radicalized

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    This is a term that currently has been mentioned in the news about 600 times a day. Were these two radicalized ? By whom ? When ? Why ? It doesn't seem to be geographical as we have no history with the Chechen's. Probably religious implications. Thoughts or opinions ?
    transitive verb \-kə-ˌlīz\
    rad·i·cal·ized rad·i·cal·iz·ing

    Definition of RADICALIZE

    : to make radical especially in politics

    — rad·i·cal·i·za·tion noun

    Examples of RADICALIZE

    The war has radicalized an entire generation of young people.

    First Known Use of RADICALIZE

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    Interesting: It was just mentioned on the news.... the older brother was arrested for domestic violence. He had become a very accomplished boxer and possibly expected to pursue this career path to higher levels. In his later pursuit towards citizenship.... he was denied because of the arrest on domestic violence. The question is raised.... Did this cause him to feel hatred. His dream was killed. Interesting prospective. He was married with a 3 year old daughter that they say he loved very much.
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    A fine line exists between being a radical and being opinionated. Reas the post from me on page 2 of

    Boston Police Say Marathon Bombing Suspect Has Been ID'd (Manhunt in effect)

    Frustration, axniety, the feeling that you have little to do with the path your life has taken, the inability to tell the people you elected what you would like to see done. You have no control over anything except what you eat, watch on TV and possibly do in your yard. The government tells use that we may be out of manufacturing; but we will make jobs in high tech that will create technologies we can rthen sell to other nations. I have news for someone. The number of people that it will take to develop these technologies isn't a garge one and there are a dozon or so countries have the sane thing in mind and may be in a better position to do it.

    Green jobs will be created. Where and when? Out of work and looking for a job at the age of 50 or 60? I need not say more. The cold war may be over and the wall taken down; but as we world we appear to be further apart than before that happened. I decided that most people have a tendancy to not necessalary good but to do things that don't harm others. If that were not true then just think back to the days when airlines provided meals. Sitting in econamy and trying to eat with your upper arms pressed against your sides and the motion of food traveling from the tray to your mouth accompolished motion being limed to your wrists. It forced you to eat like a mantis.

    Radicals have existed in socirty from the beginning of it just as capitalisn has. English became a fixed language in the mid 1800's before that many words changed meaning and their spelling. It existed we just gave it a name. We say "I'll do that presently." meaning when I have the chance. Two hundred years ago it meant that you would do it now. When Oxford put their first English dictionary together it defined words and provided us with many new options. The first Oxford Dictionary was 1919, less than 2 decades latter I was born.

    "Published on 15 April 1755 and written by Samuel Johnson, A Dictionary of the English Language, sometimes published as Johnson's Dictionary, is among the most influential dictionaries in the history of the English language.

    There was dissatisfaction with the dictionaries of the period, so in June 1746 a group of London booksellers contracted Johnson to write a dictionary for the sum of 1,500 guineas (£1,575), equivalent to about £230,000 as of 2013.[1] Johnson took nearly nine years to complete the work, although he had claimed he could finish it in three. Remarkably, he did so single-handedly, with only clerical assistance to copy out the illustrative quotations that he had marked in books. Johnson produced several revised editions during his life.

    Until the completion of the Oxford English Dictionary 173 years later, Johnson's was viewed as the pre-eminent English dictionary. According to Walter Jackson Bate, the Dictionary "easily ranks as one of the greatest single achievements of scholarship, and probably the greatest ever performed by one individual who labored under anything like the disadvantages in a comparable length of time"."
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    "fanatism" is which I think suits it better then "radicalism" Therefore I think the USA because of its etnic diverse society is the optimum place to become a "fanatic" for just about everything. I've never seen a country like this. The main reason is, as I guess, is that if people become fanatics in other countries, then when they are no longer tolerated there, and therefore "moved" to the USA; that has happened all along through the centuries. For instance the Mormons, Pensylvania Dutch, Orthodox Greeks, Jewish people (because of WWII) etc.etc.
    Since a lot of these "groups" do not "mingle" they can become fanatic in their beliefs, like Scientology, Mormons, certain Muslim groups,certain Christian churches etc. Just about a kind of polarization, which can lead to strange behavior in relation to "common not programmed" folks.

    But yeah,you have also "sports" fanatics and baseball card "fanatics" so where do you draw a line?