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Pete Williams Sterling Reporting of the Boston Bombings

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    Reporters like Pete Williams come few and far between in this day in age. Today's reporting is all about getting things out as quickly as possible and figuring out all the details later. The issue with this new type of "journalism" is that media outlets often find themselves reporting inaccurate information because they didn't take the time to make sure what they were reporting was indeed true.

    Pete Williams, the NBC Justice Correspondent, is bucking that trend and has been receiving a lot of praise recently for his handling of the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy. When CNN went on air that a suspect was taken into custody, Mr. Williams refused to go along. Mr. Williams has only reported what he knew was fact and steadfastly refused to report anything that wasn't. I just wish that more reporters were like Mr. Williams and report the story as it comes instead of trying to make it happen.