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regarding possible Boston bombing bastards

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  • Independent
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    Boston bombing suspect subdivisions: (choose one or more)

    Islamic terrorists (although they usually “take credit” for the act)
    North Korea (its new alqaida-equivalent’s first act -- and the policy
    is that they won’t make their involvement known)
    White supremacist extremist (another year’s marathon won by an African
    just pushed him over the psycho edge)
    Someone who was not allowed to run in the marathon and was really pissed
    A lunatic gun enthusiast (who figured that by setting off bombs he’d get
    people to stop picking on the NRA about assault weapons)

    The term “terrorist” should not be used in reference to the perpetrator of such carnage
    of innocents. It “politicizes”, even factionalizes . . . . a simply psycho-sick coward.

    The tragedy is that whoever is (if) apprehended, whatever the conviction and
    punishment, there’ll be another somewhere, sometime. Atrocity happens.

    Or perhaps if, after due process thus determination without a doubt of guilt . . perhaps
    if the perpetrator were subject to “death-of-a-thousand-cuts” type dismemberment along
    with other tortures as a public spectacle and media broadcast event . . . perhaps such
    extended excruciation publicized would dissuade others.

    . . . . . alas, except for suicide bombers . . . . . . .