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Boston Bruins National Anthem (Video)

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    Whenever America faces a national tragedy, they often turn to things that they love to remind themselves what our country is all about. The way the Boston Bruins fans sang the National Anthem last night showed that no single person or group will break our will as a country. Check out the video here:
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    I'm sorry that I didn't read this post a few days ago. I want to add to my list of things that I love.... Hearing the National Anthem at a large event. I have had the privilege of attending many Ohio State University football games. Attendance over 107,000... And watching the military raise the flag and hearing that many people sing the National Anthem really makes me feel proud. Patriotic. To be amongst so many who all show their allegiance is very cool.
    GemsWoven, In your town they have a bigger stadium and I bet the Wolverines do a good job with that as well.

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