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Fed up with Filibustering - started a petition on

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    Colorado Springs, CO
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    Hi everyone,

    I was so mad at yet another filibuster today to prevent the vote on the gun background check legislation. What a waste of time. If you want to vote no, vote no.

    Weeks ago I heard something on the news about how you could create a petition on and if you got a certain number of signatures the President would answer it. I know he's in the wrong branch for my filibustering legislation, but I figured I'd try and see how many people would respond. I didn't know until I did it that I need 150 signatures before it will be visible to everyone who visits the petitions website.

    If you agree, will you sign my petition at this web link:

    I keep thinking about what my boss would say if I started filibustering at a meeting to avoid deciding an issue. I'd be fired. Why do we let Congress waste time like this?


    Sandy in Colorado