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Another Shameful Day in America: Republicans Filibuster Background Checks

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    I could'nt make the numbers in {135 &136}.
    But if the gun rights gave 1% of the money donated by lawyers for federal candidates in 2008, and the gun control groups gave 2% of the donated by the gunrights groups for federal candidates, it seems to me that the lawyers should be answering the question as to why they support federal candidates to the tune of 99% of the donated monies elections, it would appear that the incumbents are more afraid of the lawyers money drying up rather than the loss the gun groups support.
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    How could this Heidi even be a Democrat?
    She seems to be an amoral killer of innocents. How much is the NRA bribing her to take this cruel tact? She doesn't even care if the gun buyer is a felon or an insane person. They must have bribed her with a lot of money. Could you ask her to please join the republican Party? I'm used to their Nazi beliefs, but not a Democrat. We're supposed to be nurturing, which she obviously isn'g.
    A Furious voter.
    Can/t wait for her next 'election time'.
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    But every now and then the people actually win one. Or Pres. Obama wouldn't be in for a 2nd term.
    We must persevere to get these killer guns off our country's landscape.
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    Jonnycee, to help clarify the poor cut & paste, it didn't transcribe well.

    Total Contributions
    Gun Rights $22,467,579
    Gun Control $1,888,886

    Donations to Democrats
    Gun Rights $3,231,405
    Gun Control $1,776,310

    Donations to Republicans
    Gun Rights $19,195,400
    Gun Control $112,326

    % to Democrats
    Gun Rights 14%
    Gun Control 94%

    % to Republicans
    Gun Rights 85%
    Gun Control 6%

    As you can see it is the money and all about money.
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    I would not expect the gun control /rights groups to donate any money to the democrats, but are your percentages based on total monies donated to the two major parties for the election or just for the gun issue debates? I mention this because somewhere during the last presidential campaign there was mentioned that this was the most expensive election ever,with close to a combined $1 billiion dollars spent on campaigning,,so the monies that you have quoted are but mere chump change compared to the total monies spent. Also in my earlier posts I said that the majority of Americans want some type of background checks just not the one this administration proposed.
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    With Respect; We have sufficient gun registration laws and there is already a three (3) day wait for purchasing a pistol. There is also an existing ban on assault type automatic weapons. The key here is that all "legal" gun purchases follow that rule. The media will put a lot of attention on certain gun crimes to evoke an emotional response from the viewers to push certain political views. If the problem is gun shows, it is easy to require gun registrations and that the dealers have a federal firearms license.

    I am a hunter and a conservationists. I attend a number of banquets every year that raise funds for Ducks Unlimited, and National Wild Turkey Federation. At those banquets guns are auctioned or raffled off. No guns leave the premises without the federal check and if there are pistols they go back to the dealer for the mandatory wait period and advanced security checks. It is not the legal gun owner that is the problem. If you want to make an immediate change in gun crimes, do what other countries have done. Immediate death penalty for any crime committed with a firearm that results in the death of a victim. Let's start focusing on the victims rights and toss out the "rights" of the criminal.

    Understand this please. In Wisconsin, today, yesterday, and over the past 100 years, over 600,000 gun owners DID NOT COMMIT A CRIME. The numbers of legal gun owners who did not commit a crime is larger in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota.

    The real crimes are committed by Congressional members, which ever party they belong to, that set themselves up as above the laws they pass for the rest of us. Gun control is a smoke screen to distract you from the real issues. Your social Security is at risk because the liberals allow folks that did not contribute to the system tap into it. How hard is it to understand the term "Illegal" in the phrase "Illegal Immigrant". If you want Social Security to get fixed, make Congress put themselves into it as well as all federal and USPS employees so we are all in the same system
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    The only way to deter/prevent the mentally ill from obtaining a firearm is to allow the background investigator to have access to the mental health records, which currently cannot be searched because of the HIPPA Law's, and considering the fact that these recent mass shooting have all involved the mentally ill, you would think that there would be a push for some type of an exception to that clause when purchasing a firearm. But no, the anti gun crowd would have you believing that the Law abiding citizen is the problem as is their lobby.
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    The Robber Barons have spent millions on their Stooges and in advertising to prevent and then to destroy the Affordable Heath Care Act which means these Robber Barons and their Stooges believe that most of the American people don't deserve health care except the rich and anyone who believes such a barbaric idea is a soulless creep.
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    If the younger working generation does not enroll then the Affordable Care Act will fail on its own accord.