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Gun Law Vote

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    To see how your elected officials voted go to their websites and view their voting records. I was sick and disgusted by my representatives votes. Elected officials are bought and paid for and this will continue as long a lobbyist funds from special interest groups are allowed to be used to "buy" votes. This system needs to be outlawed.

    Our elected officials were put in office to support the best interest of their constitutents. Not to grow rich off of lobbying funds!! This of course discourages them from doing the "right thing" when it comes to America.
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    Great post! I encourage all members of this "hub" to let your elected officials hear from you regarding this issue. Colorado is headed in the right direction now if we an get more states to follow!! After all, if legislation had passed, it would have to be a mandate to States to follow or they could chose to ignore such federal legislation as they do here in Texas!
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    I like Tamara's energy, we should all have it, but I march to my poll and vote against all the bastards I know did not cast a Congressional vote the way I intended them to. We should all have the energy to march on DC like championing civil rights, but this would be a call for telling Congress get to work and vote Gun Control. I'm an old veteran, but youthful enough to volunteer in several capacities. I remember the college campus marches and an abundance of yelling, storming and intimidating the authorities, which I wish could do it again. Although, I was also disgusted with the protesting going on that was pointed directly at our brave service men and women. That was energy misused and misguided by a rebellious uneducated youthful protest. Writing campaigns and phone messages toward our politicians will have to do. The age old saying, "the pen is mightier than the sword", I often think that the it is the "finger" is mightier than the march. Your finger depressing the keys of this post and informing your Congressional representatives is powerful. We need to advocate more people to send them a finger message. So, give em the finger.

    A past memory when I was about 7 years old, I visited my Grandfather, who lived in the hills of the Ozarks, southwestern Missouri. He also was a veteran having survived WWI and loosing half his lung to the German's mustard gas fighting in the trenches. Besides living a hard and humble life, I got to love him as my Grandfather, but I got to see how he could get angry. A distant Aunt had come to visit and started to convert his Southern Baptist way to Jahovah's Witness. He was a respected Deacon in the Church. It got kinda scary, while I beleive it was the first time I had an opportunity to see Fire and Brimstone. The Aunt didn't stick around for very long and left before having an invite to a meal. Maybe, in this message, like Tamara's energy, we need to muster the Fire and Brimstone of a hill folk minister and let Congress know who they represent. Again, give em the finger.