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Nicolás Maduro Elected President of Venezuela

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    Nicolás Maduro, the late President Hugo Chavez's hand picked successor, was elected by a razor thin margin today to become the next democratically elected President of Venezuela. Mr. Madura received just under 300,000 votes more than Henrique Capriles, who has refused to accept the results and is calling for a recount. It is unclear if there will be one because the election commission has already certified the results.

    Mr. Madura inherits a country at a cross roads and the policies that he enacts could have ramifications that are felt for many years to come. The close election results can foretell a time of political instability in this country of 30 million people, which makes the decisions that Mr. Maduro makes in the weeks and months to come all that more important.

    Thoughts on President Maduro's election and if this spells a period of instability or if things will stay the same because he was President Chavez's hand picked successor?