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Can you spare some Algae ?

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    There's a new bio-fuel. All the other kids have tried it and they all say it's really cool.
    But seriously,
    Algae based bio-fuels. How about this idea. A huge amount of the stuff could spill on an elementary school play ground and nobody would get hurt. It's literally green. And it's good for the environment. It could be produced in the USA and be a viable form of energy. More details are in these two youtube video's and this wikipedia page. Check it out. I think it's a great idea.
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    Yeah, I hate that stuff! My yard is full of it, as well as the patio; I clean it with soap which likely is engineered from oil. So full circle. The humidity here makes it grow like crazy. So I certainly do not want that stuff in my car!! May be use it on the space shuttle (too late it is no longer there)
    just kidding,
    Sure I know what you mean, but as with ethanol it will take a longtime before it becomes an replacement or even an additive to fossil fuel.