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The Taliban and America's Endless War

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    The United States has been at war in Afghanistan for over ten years now and its beginning to seem as if both sides are starting to become tired of the seemingly endless war. The Taliban has reportedly been expressing interest in participating in a democratically elected Afghan government and negotiating peace with both the American and Afghan governments. Publicly, the Taliban have been towing a hard line and stating that they will not negotiate for peace, but multiple sources in the Pakistani government have claimed that senior leaders in the Taliban have been meeting behind the scenes in Qatar to start a dialogue.

    The Afghanistan war, now America's longest war in her history, seems to be at a stalemate because all sides have difficultly budging from their positions. The American government is trying to get out as fast as possible, but doesn't want to leave the country without some face saving measure. The Afghanistan government refuses to acknowledge, at least publicly, that they will have to work with the Taliban if they ever want a negotiated peace. And the Taliban need to figure out if they want to participate in a democratic government or continue to wage war until they topple the Afghanistan government and obtain absolute power again.

    Time will only tell if these three factions are able to come to the bargaining and negotiate peace or if Afghanistan will return to being yet another failed state that is bogged down by war and political infighting. The saddest part about the whole situation is that the one entity that has all the cards in their hands is the same one that enabled Al Qaeda to plan and carry out the attacks on that September day in 2001. If that doesn't make your head spin, I don't know what will.