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Suu Kyi's Never Ending Drive for Democracy

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    Suu Kyi, the long time democracy advocate and opposition leader of Burma, also known as Myanmar, has been one patient individual. Ms. Kyi has spent much of the past twenty years either behind bars or on house arrest, yet she never gave up in her pursuit of helping Burma become a democratic state. Her patience is beginning to pay dividends as Burma has been enacting more and more democratic reforms, starting with releasing Ms. Kyi from house arrest in November 2010 and allowing her to run in parliamentary elections last year.

    Burma still has a long way to go in achieving democracy, but democracy is not fast and it isn't easy. I can't help but admire Ms. Kyi for her endless patience throughout her many years of confinement. One can only hope that as the Burmese military continues to hand over the governmental structure to a democratically elected parliament. Thoughts on Suu Kyi and the impact that she has had on the country of Burma?