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    Lawrence, MA
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    During th sepression the Roosevelt administration instituted the Tennessee Valley Authority to help bring a measure of prosperity to the Appalachian district with a huge electric dam. This project has been a thorn in the side of capitalists since it started because it provides electricity at a cheaper rate than commercial projects. The government is now considering selling the TVA to the capitalists. The only sticking point is that the capitalists are demanding that something be done first to dump the "generous retirement and benefits programs" the workers enjoy. Don't things like this just make you proud to be an American ?
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    Dover, TN
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    I can foresee it now. The lands that they forcefully took from private owners/families all in the name of prosperity, will be sold or commercialized. Directly against the promises made when they stole these peoples farms, houses, way of life, and heritage. Lands such as Land Between the Lakes. Which would be highly marketable, due to the amount of lakefront property involved. This has already been attempted once, it's just a matter of time.
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    1) Money always wins. It may take time but money will win.

    2) Some of us are proud to be American; others...not so much.
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    Public outrage will squash the deal. Those living in Duke Power areas may just start asking how come they have to pay so much more than TVA customers. I for one think all energy should be run like the TVA.