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Rep. Walden: Obama's Budget a "Shocking Attack on Seniors"

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    Oregon Representative Greg Walden has found himself taking some heat from fellow Republicans after he claimed that President Obama's recent budget proposal was "a shocking attack on seniors." The shocking attack that Mr. Walden is referring to was Mr. Obama's proposal to reconfigure the way Social Security payments are handed out in exchange for tax reform geared towards the wealthy in our country.

    Mr. Walden has taken a different stance than most of his Republican colleagues in this house, which have had a more muted response with regards to the Chained-CPI proposal. His stance has also landed him in hot water with the Club For Growth, which has put him towards the top of the list of congressmen that they want to remove from office.

    Unsurprisingly, most Republicans have expressed interest in Chained-CPI without negotiating on the tax issue. President Obama has stated that is a non-starter in his book and he will only sign off on Chained-CPI if a tax reform package is included with it.
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    Obama baited the hook and Republicans are playing to form. The budget will bomb and Pubs will look like they hate old people. And they do too!!!
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    The games our political leaders play must make them feel like puppeteers trying to control the whole stage, well, guess what , life is not a game, they can't find a measley 2% cut in the federal budget but they sure can find where to cut in Social Security, maybe they should cut into their own retirement fund, you know the one that they don't put a dime into but has a guarenteed Cola's and much sooner vestment plan than the Social Security Fund.