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CNN's Ali Velshi Moving to Al Jazeera America

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    Al Jazeera America claimed their first major hire today when they announced that CNN reporter Ali Velshi will be hosting a prime time business show on their network. Mr. Velshi has hosted "Your Money" on CNN and appears regularly on the channel as their chief business correspondent. His new show will start as a weekly program and eventually turn into a nightly business show by the end of the year. CNN will definitely miss him as the network is trying to pull out of some of their worst ratings in their history.

    Mr. Velshi is one of the few sane voices out there when it comes to journalism and I imagine he will be be quite popular when Al Jazeera America starts airing this summer. Al Jazeera has made a name for themselves and I am looking forward to the station being on the airwaves soon. They were one of the few stations that offered genuine policy debates during the 2012 elections and I have a feeling that them coming onto the scene could be a game changer for individuals seeking an intellectual news source that isn't just more of the same.