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Whoopi Goldberg To Receive Ally For Equality Award

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    The Human Rights Campaign announced that it will be honoring Whoopi Goldberg with their Ally For Equality Award for her tireless efforts promoting the rights of LGBT citizens in America and elsewhere. Ms. Goldberg has used the bully pulpit of "The View," as well as many other venues, to advocate for marriage equality and equal rights for the LGBT community.

    It's been a breath of fresh air seeing more and more celebrities using their name recognition and star power to advocate for a more equal and just society. I truly believe that the issue of gay marriage and LGBT rights will be a distant memory soon. Just look at all the polling and you can see that will likely be the case. When we do look back and ponder what it was that sparked the change, I think that we will look at people like Whoopi Goldberg and realize how big of an impact they had on teaching the population at large that equal rights for all is the right thing to do.