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Barbara Walters Set to Retire in 2014

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    The Huffington Post announced today that Barbara Walters will be leaving "The View" and retiring from journalism in May 2014. The 83 year old journalist has been a household name since joining "The Today Show" back in 1961 and her departure, while inevitable, will end one of the greatest journalistic success stories for women in our society.

    Ms. Walters joined the journalism profession when it was dominated by male figures that wanted little to nothing to do with her at their side, but she eventually gained nearly everyone's respect throughout her decades on television and without a doubt broke the glass ceiling into allowing more women to be hired as journalist at major television companies. She spent decades interviewing nearly every major national and international figure and her departure will most definitely leave a void, but her decades in front of the television will allow an untold number of women to attempt to fill the void that Ms. Walters will leave.

    Thoughts on Ms. Walters years in front of the camera and what her departure means for the future of women in journalism? Any thoughts on who could step in to fill her void?