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Julia Pierson Becomes First Woman Director of the Secret Service

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    Julia Pierson became the first female director of the United States Secret Service today, one day after President Obama appointed her to the position. Ms. Pierson is taking over the department after a seemingly endless number of scandals that have plagued the typically straight edge agency and her appointment seems to show that President Obama is tired of those and wants someone in there that will get the agency back on track.

    Ms. Pierson has been with the service since 1983 and served on the security details of President's George HW Bush, Clinton, and George W Bush. She spent the past four years as the Chief of Staff and the Assistant Director of the Office of Human Resources and Training for the Secret Service from 2008 until her elevation to Director yesterday.

    Thoughts on Ms. Pierson's ability to get the troubled agency back in line and if she will be successful with doing so?
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    After the Columbian prostitute scandal, it's probably a good thing to have a woman in charge. Maybe it will curb some of the "boys will be boys" activities that have embarrassed the Secret Service in the recent past.