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Sounds like DOMA may go down

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    Listening to all the immediate feedback of people coming out of the supreme court talking about the hearing over DOMA, it really sounds like the Defense of Marriage Act which federally outlaws gay marriage just may be going down! It would be awesome if so. I know Bill Clinton isn't proud of signing that into law. It should have never been made law. It needs to be overturned. Hopefully it will be. Guess we will know for sure in a few months.
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    I read a really interesting piece on this topic today. It was talking about how President Clinton signed DOMA without fanfare late at night because he was pretty much ashamed of what he was doing. Three-fourths of the country was against gay marriage and it was just good politics at the time. I was too young to remember this policy debate, but I read polls that showed 75 percent of Americans were against gay marriage back then and he got beat up pretty bad by his own military brass when he tried to end the practice of not allowing gays in the military, which resulted in the disastrous compromise of Don't Ask Don't Tell. I'm sure if he could have both of those signatures back, he would. Thankfully one of those laws is history and I sure hope the Supreme Court will take care of the other one. Here's the article I read today:
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    DOMA should not stay, as it takes away the individual States Right to Regulate and Grant a license to marry, I guess you could even make a Commerce issue since the State collects a fee for the service.