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Michele Bachmann's Ever Growing Legal Headaches

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    The Office of Congressional Ethics is probing Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign for improper use of campaign funds during her failed 2012 bid for president. The investigation is focusing on alleged intentional campaign-finance violations, specifically improper transfer of funds and under-the-table payments involving Guy Short, the congresswoman's campaign’s national political director, and her Iowa campaign chairman, state Sen. Kent Sorenson. The investigators are primarily focusing on what Ms. Bachmann knew about these men's actions and when she knew it.

    This is just one more issue in a growing list of ethics problems for the congresswoman. Ms. Bachmann is also entangled in a lawsuit in Iowa, Heki v. Bachmann. Barb Heki, a former Bachmann staffer, claims that Ms. Bachmann's former state campaign chairman and State Senator Kent Sorenson stole money from her and also sold an email list of Christian home school families in Iowa. The suit alleges that both of these were done with the knowledge of Ms. Bachmann. These accusations have been backed up by a sworn affidavit signed by Eric Woolson, who is a former campaign staffer for Ms. Bachmann.

    Here's a link to the story:
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    Very interesting topic, especially with Iowa being my home state. To tell you the truth, I always felt that this woman was somehow bucking the system, and using it even unfairly to her advantage, but I admit I never thought about her going as far as this says she did. You just can't put anything past politicians, especially those that have lots of years of time and experience to build-up their nerve and boldness. Does anyone else think this is a great example of the need for term limits?
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    She is nothing more than another Sarah Palin clone. Just as dumb, obnoxious and crooked!