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IRS Star Trek spoof video waste 60,000.00

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    The IRS made spoof videos of Star Trek and Gilligans Island. That wasted 60,000.00 and you wonder where your tax dollar is going ??????
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    Tat was really cheap, sounds like a good deal to me. If you want to talk concerned about waste go no further than Congress or the Whitehouse'
    Some time find out how much is spent by those in Congress taking their fact finding trips. Is their presence going to improve the situation? Is the information they obtain the truth or what people want them to hear. I'm sure there are a lot of such "Fact Finding Trip" that far exceed the $60,000.
    If your going to be concerned about an expense pick on something worth while a minimum of a couple of hundred thousand. How about the point of entry that has minimal use and cost over a million and a half. Better yet, how about the tanks that the military doesn't need or want; but Congress is going to buy them anyway.
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    It was a goofed up training exercise. They used Trek because of what demographic was raised on it. That was mistake one and they just went up from there. Too bad, it may have been as funny as "Just Say No" and "Why Do You Think They Call it Dope".